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Preview of our activities in September 2021

From July 26, 2021 until September 15, 2021
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Once summer has come to an end, Casa Árabe’s schedule of events will be back, with a full range of new activities. We have provided you with a preview below.

In September, we will be resuming our regular schedule of events, including all of the following activities:


- In order to become more familiar with the shari’a, the Muslims’ sacred law, we are holding a conference series of which we have already hosted nine sessions. On September 14, we will be starting the series again with a new presentation about Islamic finance, to be given by Adday Hernández of the CSIC.

- Islamic finance is of great interest to us, which is why we have devoted a full event series to performing an in-depth analysis of the situation in North Africa. While the initial sessions were devoted to Algeria and Morocco, on September 23, we will be taking a closer look at Tunisia.

- The program Aula Árabe Universitaria is now a regular part of our event schedule, as well. During this third edition for the academic year of  2021-22, we will be hosting over 15 conferences organized with the cooperation of different universities to take a more in-depth look at past and present times in the Arab world, with some of the main experts in each subject. The opening session will be held on September 27.


- The Madrid Book Fair is taking place this year from September 10 to 26, and as always, we will be attending with our own stand for the Balqís bookshop. Within the framework of this fair, we will be presenting the following works:

Monday, September 13: “Abderrahman al Dahil: The Émigré Prince,” (published by Utopía), by Daniel Valdivieso, with Eduardo Manzano. We will also be holding two sessions on this work, as part of our “Delving into Al-Andalus” reading workshop (from September 23 through October 27).
Tuesday, September 14: “South Africa and the Road to Freedom: From apartheid to democracy”, by Enrique Ojeda (published by Catarata, with the cooperation of Casa África).
Thursday, September 16: “A Door Painted Blue” by Sergio Barce (Ediciones del Genal), with Luisa Mora.
Monday, September 20: “Danger: Refugees,” by Eduardo Moyano (Ediciones de la Torre) with CEAR.
Wednesday, September 22: “Popular Uprisings After the Arab Revolts,” (Catarata), with I. Alvarez-Ossorio, Isaías Barreñada and Laura Mijares.

Check out our website, as well, to find out which authors will be signing books at our stand.


- With the new academic year beginning, on Wednesday, September 1 we will begin the registration period for our Arabic Language Center courses, with several new options: we are giving courses in person and online, and there are seniors courses and brand-new discounts for large families.

- If you would like to learn about archeology and history in a fun, entertaining way, the workshops we have organized at our Cordoba headquarters with SextoMario are the best choice. On September 23, they will be back with a session about the secrets of the hammam.


- In order to give everybody time to see them, we have extended the dates of the exhibitions at our Cordoba headquarters, as well. “Parallel Concepts: Art in Spain and the Emirates” (until October 1) and “Hassan Fathy: Against the current” (until October 8).

- If you are in Madrid, you have until October 17 to enjoy the exhibition “Barzakh: Between worlds,” which forms part of PhotoEspaña.


- Arab cinema is coming back to our film screens after this summer, with a series devoted to filmmaking in Qatar, curated by Alejandra Val Cubero (further information coming soon in the Cinema section of our website). The series will begin on Friday, September 17 in Madrid.


- Remaining loyal to his monthly date with Casa Árabe, storyteller Héctor Urién will continue to delight us with his tales from “The Arabian Nights.” In Cordoba, we will get the chance to see him once again on September 9, in Night 17.


- This year, we are commemorating Casa Árabe’s tenth anniversary at Casa Mudéjar in Cordoba, and to celebrate the occasion we have organized dramatized and guided tours of our wonderful building.  If you would like to see it, two dramatizations will be held on the dates of September 11 and 18.

Throughout the summer, you can follow all the latest news about Casa Árabe’s activities on our website and social media (Instagram, Facebook and twitter), and watch or listen to our past activities on YouTube and Soundcloud. If you would like to hear about them directly via email, you can subscribe to our weekly newsletter by following this link.
Preview of our activities in September 2021