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Prodigios: An anthology of Arabic poems

April 20, 20187:00 p.m.
Casa Árabe Auditorium (at Calle Alcalá, 62). 7:00 p.m. Free entry until the event’s capacity is reached.
In Spanish and Arabic, with simultaneous translation.

Casa Árabe is joining the celebrations of Book Night 2018 (La Noche de los Libros) with the presentation of this work illustrated by Rachid Koraïchi.

The event will include talks by Koraïchi, a calligrapher and one of the finest visual artists today, and Pedro Martínez Montávez, an Arabist, translator and professor emeritus of the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid. Presented by Pedro Martínez-Avial, the General Director of Casa Árabe.

This anthology contains Arabic poems written from the sixth century to the modern day, the most notable of which include both classical and contemporary poets. Created with the voices of 5 poets, some of whom have never been translated into Spanish until today, the edition combines poetry from the Arab world in general, Al-Andalus and Algeria with illustrations by Koraïchi, thereby joining two paths of creativity: image and word.

On the evening of the presentation, Rachid Koraïchi will speak to us about these surprising and inspiring illustrations. Along with Arabist Pedro Martínez Montávez, who coordinated  this edition, we will travel through the book, capturing the essence of a culture in which poetry is, has been and will remain a meeting point and a pathway that opens up new horizons.

Prodigios: An anthology of Arabic poems
Rachid Koraïchi is one of the most important personages in international contemporary art. He studied at Algiers’ Higher School of Fine Arts and the Fine Arts School in Paris, and later at the National School of Decorative Arts and Urbanism Institute in Paris. His work is based on Sufi tradition and spirituality, but it encompasses modernity and is of a universal nature, as well. In addition to his contributions to publications, he has put on monumental exhibitions: steles, pyramids, ceramic murals, silk, tapestries and metal etchings are just a few of the creations highlighted in his oeuvre. He took part in the Six Flags for Tolerance art project promoted by UNESCO along with another six artists. In 2011, he won the Jameel Prize for his installation The Invisible Masters, which was been displayed at the Victoria & Albert Museum in London, the Arab World Institute in Paris and Casa Árabe in Madrid. Koraïchi is one of the most highly acknowledged contemporary artists from the Islamic world.

Pedro Martínez Montávez  has authored numerous books and articles on the contemporary Arab world, its literature, culture and history, while at the same time reflecting upon the past and, in particular, the meaning of  Al-Andalus as an experience. He has completed magnificent, pioneering translations of works by many of the finest Arab poets, including Nizar Qabbani, Gibran, al-Sayyab,  al-Bayati, Adonis,  Fadwa Tuqan, Mahmud Darwish, Saadi Yusuf and Salah Abd al-Sabur, as well as others. Among his many notable publications are several books devoted to studying and analyzing contemporary Arab literature. Throughout his career, he has been a member of many scientific and cultural committees,  and he has contributed to many different media publications.  He was the Rector of the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, having been the first rector ever to be democratically elected at this Spanish university. He was named Doctor Honoris Causa by three universities: those in Jaén, Alicante and Granada.

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