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Ramadan 2023 at Casa Árabe

From March 13, 2023 until April 23, 2023Check dates and times for each activity.
Casa Árabe’s two headquarters (at Calle Alcalá, 62 in Madrid and Calle Samuel de los Santos Gener, 9 in Cordoba). Check dates and times for each activity.

As it does every year, Casa Árabe is organizing a full schedule of activities at its headquarters in Madrid and Cordoba to celebrate this noteworthy month on the Muslim calendar. Check out the full schedule below.

As it does each year, Casa Árabe is ready to celebrate this important month in the Muslim calendar, a very special date for the more than 2,000,000 Muslims in Spain. It is a celebration that begins with the sighting of the first quarter crescent moon (the ninth month in the Islamic calendar), and this year it will be lasting from Wednesday, March 22 through Friday, April 21.

The celebration has obvious roots in religion, dating back to 610 ADwhen, according to Islamic tradition, Muhammad appeared before the archangel Gabriel and revealed the Qur’an to him, the sacred book of Islam. This revelation, on what is known as Laylat Al Qadr (“Night of Destiny”), reportedly occurred during Ramadan.

Throughout its various editions in Madrid and Cordoba, Casa Árabe’s Ramadan events schedule has become a unique meeting point for increasing awareness about the Muslim world’s culture, which has such a major presence in our shared history. Some are able to celebrate their most important festivity of the year, while others come to share and learn about the lives of their closest neighbors.

We invite you to discover the full program of activities below and to send greetings to all the Muslims you know, as we will be doing throughout this month of feasts and celebrations: ”Ramadan Mubarak.”

- Wednesday, March 22, CORDOBA. Workshop on “Secrets of the hammam” We are hosting yet another session among our workshops to learn about the archeology and history of Al-Andalus in an entertaining way. This time around, we will be making a craft soap and learning what it was used for and the properties it possesses. REGISTRATION IS NOW OPEN.

- Saturday, March 25, MADRID. Marwán + Ede concert. The singer of Palestinian origin will be presenting his album “El viejo boxeador” (“The Old Boxer”) at the Aluche Park Auditorium, starting at 8:30 p.m. Free entry.

- Friday, March 31 and Saturday, April 1. CORDOBA. Reading Club and literary walk through Wallada’s Cordoba of the Caliphate. We will be paying tribute to the famous Umayyad poetess Wallada bint al-Mustakfi by carrying out a recreation of her poems and life, through a tour of the spaces in the Cordoba of the Caliphate which inspired her biography in novel form. SOLD OUT.

- Saturday, April 1. CORDOBA. Games of Al-Andalus workshop. Strategy games were commonplace in Al-Andalus, and many of them have been handed down to us through a compendium created by King Alfonso X “The Wise.” Those taking part will get to learn about some of these games, including backgammon, alquerque (qirkat), mancala and the “hyena chase.” REGISTRATION IS NOW OPEN.

- Wednesday, April 19. CÓRDOBA. Creative bookbinding workshop. Medieval Arab historians used various terms to refer to the invention of bookbinding, which was originally created to replace the use of papyrus and parchment. On this occasion, because the workshop is coinciding with Ramadan festivities, and the month of the year traditionally dedicated to books, we will be creating a special book binding. REGISTRATION IS NOW OPEN.

Further information on these activities will be provided and updated on this website in the near future.
Ramadan 2023 at Casa Árabe