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Second themed tour: "Indelible Marks Left Behind in Cordoba" 

May 22, 2021From 10:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. Approximate duration: 3 hours.
Those who sign up will be informed of the meeting point location by email. From 10:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. Approximate duration: 3 hours. 4 euros for the general public at the headquarters.
3 euros: tickets purchased online, the officially unemployed, Casa Árabe Language Center students and Youth Card holders. Pay for your ticket through our website (by clicking on the “purchase tickets” button) or in person at the Casa Árabe headquarters in Cordoba (payment by cash or credit card).  
In Spanish.

On Saturday, May 22, it will be your last opportunity to enjoy this tour, which will be guided by Arabist Inmaculada Serrano Hernández. Registration has now begun. 

On these tours, we will get a closer look at a series of key female figures in the history of Cordoba (more specifically, from the ninth century to the fifteenth century), and learn more about their social, cultural, political and economic contributions during the era of Al-Andalus. The goal of these tours is to highlight the important role played by women in different sectors of Cordoba’s society. Their life stories will be told along with the inestimable legacy they left behind: “their steps towards equality.”

During the tour, we will visit several spaces related with the lives of these women, many of which are emblematic sites forming part of our city’s historical heritage. They are all women who stood out as exceptional individuals: Lubna, Shifa, Ayab, Soraya, Muryán, Zayda, Subh Umm Wallad, Tarub, Aixa, Wallada. And we will also learn more about several trades held exclusively by women, which were decisive in enriching the city of Cordoba in every realm of life: social, cultural, political, and so on. These women performed work as copyists, secretaries, musicians, singers, poets, seamstresses, weavers, and more.

The tour will include places like Casa Árabe, the Rey Heredia Cultural Center (in the former Convent of Santa Clara), Calle Alfayatas, the Sabat Gate, the Caliph’s Baths and the Statue of Lovers at the Campo Santo de los Mártires.
Second themed tour: "Indelible Marks Left Behind in Cordoba" 
Ilustración: ¿Acaso fuiste un sueño? Óleo sobre lienzo de 80×60 cm. (c) Carmen López Rey