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The end of Al-Andalus: from the “Reconquista” to “paradise lost” 

From October 07, 2019 until October 29, 2019Please check schedules.
Casa Árabe Auditorium (at Calle Samuel de los Santos Gener, 9). Please check schedules. Free entry until the event’s capacity is reached.

At its Cordoba headquarters, Casa Árabe is organizing this series of conferences, to be held from October 7 through 29, in continuation of the series “The Origin of Al-Andalus,” which we were able to enjoy last fall.

This new series will be dealing with the problem of discussing the end of Al-Andalus, a historical process associated with the expansion of the conquests by the most important Christian kingdoms on the Iberian Peninsula, Portugal: the Crown of Castile and the Crown of Aragon, having taken place over several centuries and holding major importance in determining what the medieval period would be like on the peninsula.

The conquest of Al-Andalus has traditionally been described in terms of the “Reconquista,” a concept that has held a huge influence in the tradition of historical study in Spain, being subject to extensive debate because of its ideological connotations. These debates are currently taking on a importance once again because of the trend towards recovering the most traditional version of this concept in various sectors of society.

At the same time, the conquest of Al-Andalus also left behind deep marks in the collective imaginary of the Arab peoples, whose cultural tradition has seen the notion of “paradise lost” settle in as a way of understanding this historical process, from vantage points which are therefore completely at odds with local Spanish traditional thought.

This series of conferences brings up key questions associated with the end of Al-Andalus, from the very notion of the Reconquista, with the historical and ideological viewpoints it creates, to the romantic viewpoint in the Arab tradition, including aspects such as the  destiny of the conquered population (the Mudéjars and Moriscos), as well as the various stages in the process of conquest and their influence on the makeup of medieval monarchies and Christian societies in that era themselves, which were defined by British specialist Angus McKay as “societies organized for war.”

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This activity has been subsidized by the Autonomous Regional Government of Andalusia.


Monday, October 7

Carlos de Ayala, Universidad Autónoma de Madrid
The Christian conquest of Al-Andalus and the notion of the “Reconquista”

Tuesday, October 8
Mario Lafuente, University of Zaragoza
The conquests in Aragon (11th-12th centuries)

Monday, October 14
Francisco García Fitz, University of Extremadura
The conquering of Toledo and Christian advancement

Tuesday, October 15
Ricardo Córdoba de la Llave, University of Cordoba
The conquest of Western Andalusia

Monday, October 21
Rafael G. Peinado Santaella, University of Granada
The conquest of the Nasrid Emirate of Granada

Tuesday, October 22
Antoni Furió, University of Valencia
The conquest of Valencia and the Balearic Islands

Monday, October 28
Maribel Fierro, ILCM-CSIC, Madrid
The viewpoint of the conquered: the loss of Al-Andalus in Arab sources

Tuesday, October 29
Ángel Galán Sánchez, University of Malaga
The destiny of the Muslim population: Mudéjars and Moriscos

* This program is subject to change.
The end of Al-Andalus: from the “Reconquista” to “paradise lost” 

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