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The Holy See, Christians and the Arab awakening

From October 15, 2012 until October 29, 2012

On October 29th, Casa Árabe hosted in its headquarters in Cordoba a lecture by Dr. George Irani, Ph. D. in International Relations from the University of Southern California.

Since it became independent in 1943, the Vatican has considered Lebanon a refuge for Christians in the Middle East and a model of coexistence between Christians and Muslims. Nevertheless, the relationship between Rome and the Maronites (almost 40% of the Lebanese population) has been troubled and in this speech Professor Irani also analyzed the links between the Holy See and the Lebanese Maronites, and the impact of the so-called Arab Spring on Christians of the Middle East.
The lecture was organized in collaboration with the UNESCO Chair in conflicts resolution of the University of Cordoba. It took place at 19.30 at Casa Árabe’s Auditorium (c/ Samuel de los Santos Gener, 9). Free entrance, subjected to space availability.

George Irani
George Irani holds a Ph.D. in International Relations from the University of Southern California (1984), and since then he has been involved in teaching at the American University of Kuwait (AUK) as Associate Professor of International Studies. He was also visitant professor at the Universidad San Pablo-CEU in Madrid (Spain) and until 2008, he managed the Africa and Middle East Program of the Toledo International Centre for Peace.
During his long academic career, Dr. Irani has been, among other charges, professor at the Royal Roads University in Victoria, Canada (2001-2005), policy analyst of United States Commission on International Religious Freedom and researcher for the United States Institute of Peace (USIP), where the focus of his research was to study and assess the role and impact of religion and culture in conflict prevention and resolution in the Middle-East.

Mr. Irani is the author of The Papacy and the Middle East: The Role of the Holy See in the Arab-Israeli Conflict (1989), translated into French, Italian, Arab and Portuguese and is co-editor with Dr. Laurie King-Irani of the book Acknowledgment, Forgiveness and Reconciliation: Lessons from Lebanon, published by the Lebanese American University (1996); and with Dr. Vamik Volkan and Judy Carter, he published in 2008 Regional and Ethnic Conflicts: Perspectives from the Frontlines. Currently he writes a blog on the Middle East hosted in the Spanish edition of the magazine Foreign Policy (