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The Mosque in Transformation

From June 30, 2022 until July 03, 2022
Different venues and times, please check schedules.
In English, with simultaneous interpretation in Spanish.

Casa Árabe will be one of the venues for the seventeenth Colloquium of the Ernst Herzfeld Society to be held from June 30 through July 3 in Cordoba. More than 26 national and international specialists will be discussing this topic there.

Both the opening ceremony (July 30 at 7:00 p.m.) and the events on July 1 and 2 will be open to the public until full capacity is reached. They will be taking place in English with simultaneous translation into Spanish.

Casa Árabe is hosting the seventeenth Colloquium organized by the Ernst Herzfeld Society to promote research and increase awareness about archeology and Islamic art. More than 26 domestic and foreign specialists will be debating “The Mosque in Transformation” in Cordoba. Mosques, in their various architectural and visual forms of expression and as an institution, are considered one of the most significant manifestations of Islamic culture. Though often identified only as places for prayer, mosques can take on many social and/or architectural roles and types, proving to be extraordinarily malleable across regions and time.

Although researchers around the world have addressed this formal and conceptual diversity in recent decades [here, for example], a wide-ranging debate continues with a need for clear scientific boundaries. The transformations in the mosque’s visual space, design, features and fittings, as well as its place within urban planning, have been described from architectural, archeological and historical perspectives, but they also require liturgical, religious, social and ideological approaches. Likewise, we must continue to work on studying the historical modes for the reuse of mosques in changing environments and contexts (like the Iberian Peninsula), and their implications in the more contemporary artistic and cultural heritage.

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The Mosque in Transformation