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This Long Journey into your Gaze

From June 05, 2019 until October 07, 2019
Closed on Sundays and Saturdays
Casa Árabe exhibition halls (at c/ Samuel de los Santos Gener, 9).

Casa Árabe hosts, for the first time in Córdoba, a retrospective of the work of Rachïd Koraichi, an artist of great international recognition for his work in sculpture, installations, ceramics, textiles, etc.

Koraïchi’s work gives us a closer look at the idea of essential syncretism, a concept which we refer to repeatedly in current times when discussing cultural dialogue, though we do not truly know how to achieve that dialogue. Rachid Koraïchi, comes from the cultures of the Algerian desert, but also looks back profoundly towards his initial ancestors from Mecca. At the same time, he is deeply rooted in Western thought due to both his education in France and his ties with the world of contemporary creation and represents a synthesis that cannot be affiliated with any one geographic place. Precisely for that reason, and despite the many symbols, writings and graphisms that fill his work, the artist insists upon distancing himself from the label “calligrapher” or “Islamic artist,” as he has occasionally been described.

The value held by the human being, in an anthropological sense, is a feature which permeates his entire production, and his work cannot be understood without learning about the close, intense relationship he has with the craftsmen with whom he collaborates. He has spent long periods of time working with craftsmen’s workshops in cities of Algeria, Turkey, Syria, Morocco or Egypt, ensuring that both, these places and the production processes developed in them have become part and parcel of his work.

This personal and professional journey all over the world, which somehow can also be seen as an inner journey, has in recent years brought him to Madrid and Barcelona, due to his close collaboration with Factum Arte and with ceramic artists from Barcelona. “This Long Journey Into Your Gaze” is the title of this exhibition, which displays all the work he has produced in both cities, the outcome of a lengthy process of reflection, creation and work carried out alongside contemporary artisans. 

Casa Árabe is proud to present, for the first time ever in Spain, an exhibition by this universal artist. We trust that the language he has crafted, can be shared by everyone willing to dive into his creative universe. 

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Graphic work by Rachid Koraïchi at the Islamic Library

Rachid Koraïchi is the author of innumerable publications in which he combines his work in the field of graphism with the creation of poets and writers of very diverse cultural and geographical origins. The Islamic Library of the AECID owns in its collection more than twenty books of poetry, essays and art, with graphic work by the artist, from the fund donated by Casa Árabe and which can be seen in a parallel exhibition to the one held at Casa Arabe. (Islamic Library, AECID Av. De los Reyes Católicos, 4, Madrid).
This Long Journey into your Gaze