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Tour: “Almohad Fortresses: From the Calahorra to the Seneca Institute”

April 22, 202210:00 a.m.
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In Spanish.

As part of the Nights of Ramadan, we will be hosting this guided tour on April 22, in which we take a closer look at the rebirth of Cordoba with the Almohad Empire from its three fortified enclosures in the surroundings of the Calahorra, the Castle of the Jewish Quarter and the Old Alcázar. SOLD OUT.

In addition to discussing the construction techniques and historical context of the Almohad era, we will be visiting the significant but little known remains at the Instituto Séneca, which closed off the most southeasterly of these spaces, located on the Colina de los Quemados. The tours will be given by Rafael Valera Pérez, an archeology technician, and Ángel Sánchez Redondo, head of the Department of Geography and History at the I.E.S. Séneca high school.

Rafael Valera Pérez
Holder of a bachelor’s degree in Geography and History from the University of Cordoba, he has devoted his career to archeology in the field since 2001, directing many different sites and participating in even more as a technical draftsman. For several years now, he has been specializing in Virtual Archeology, the three-dimensional representation of archeological spaces and objects using computerized methods as a tool for spreading knowledge to the public and
teaching about historical and archeological heritage. Within his field, he has developed materials and workshops about heritage sites, using images and 3D reproductions of different items and places as the foundation of his work. For some time now, he has been collaborating with Cristina Camacho to create images of the spaces and artefacts documented during the Ronda Oeste archeological intervention, to give us a closer look at the lifestyle of the inhabitants in the Western
boroughs of caliphal Cordoba.
Tour: “Almohad Fortresses: From the Calahorra to the Seneca Institute”