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Workshops on sound experimentation using cassette collages

From October 02, 2019 until November 23, 20196:00 p.m.
Casa Árabe headquarters (at Calle Alcalá, 62). 6:00 p.m. Prior registration required.
Register using  this link.
In Spanish.

Within the framework of the exhibition “Pop Art in North Africa,” the Escuela de Oficios Electrosonoros is giving two workshops on the afternoons of Saturdays, October 26 and November 23. You can now register to take part in the first workshop.

The workshops will involve creating electronic music on the basis of mixes with different types of Arab music. The workshops are free of charge, but because the number that may attend is limited, you must reserve your space by following this link (open only for the first workshop at present).

Many artists from the exhibition “Pop Art in North Africa” use collages in their works.  At this workshop, we will also be using the format of the collage, but in the form of music. We will learn how to combine independent sound sources to compose our own sound collages. To do so, we will reflect upon musical references, sound traditions and the cultural, social and subjective meanings held by music.

We will also learn how to use a multi-track cassette recorder, a predecessor to today’s DAWs (digital audio workstations), which have become so important in musical production.
All participants must have a smartphone available to use it as a sound source during the workshop.

The workshops will be held on two Saturdays: October 26 and November 23, at 6:00 p.m., with an approximate duration of two and a half hours.The maximum number of participants is 12, and therefore, in order to reserve your space, you must sign up in advance by following this link. The workshops will be given by the Escuela de Oficios Electrosonoros (School of Electronic Sound Trades) with the support of Daniel and Nina Carasso Foundation.

The Escuela de Oficios Electrosonoros has also created an audio playlist with a selection of Arab music from the sixties, seventies and eighties, recorded on a cassette, to listen to while visitors take their tours of the exhibition “Pop Art in North Africa.” Those who wish to hear it must ask the staff at the entrance desk for a Walkman device with earphones, which they will be given upon leaving an ID card.

Workshop information sheet
Workshops on sound experimentation using cassette collages

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