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Your “Top 10” for 2020 

From July 20, 2020 until September 06, 2020

We are sharing a list of the most watched videos on our Youtube channel during the first half of 2020. We are also including our latest podcasts, just in case you missed any of them. If you enjoy them, please share them and subscribe to our channels on Youtube and SoundCloud.

These were ranked as your favorite activities:

1.    Interviews: Coronavirus in Morocco, with Javier Otazu and Coronavirus in Syria and Lebanon, with Natalia Sancha (from the series: Journalists discussing Covid-19 in the Maghreb and the Middle East).

2.    Workshops: Arab-flamenco fusion dance workshops (given by dancer Carolina Prior)

3.    Conference: “The impact of coronavirus on Arab countries” (with the Real Instituto Elcano and Cidob)

4.    Music: “La Niña de la Alhucema,” by La Banda Morisca (held as part of the Nights of Ramadan 2020)

5.    Conference: “The battle for Libya”, with Juan Garrigues, ambassador Francisco de Miguel and Barah Mikaïl

6.    Conference “Abd El Rahman, the Émigré,” by Daniel Valdivieso (held as part of the Nights of Ramadan 2020)

7.    Virtual tour: Indelible Marks in Cordoba, with Inmaculada Serrano (held as part of the Nights of Ramadan 2020)

8.    Conference: “Life turns inward,” with Rafael Blanco (held as part of Nights of Ramadan 2020 on the occasion of the Cordoba Festival of Patios)

9.    Conference: “Oil, the beginning of the end”, with Aurelia Mañé and Gonzalo Escribano

10.  Music: “We Had a House,” by Linda al Ahmad. This Syrian singer also took part in our event series “Music from the Divan,” devoted to the instruments, rhythms and songs of Arab music.

As for our podcasts, we will be taking a look back at the most popular among our listeners, and we have included some of the latest podcasts, just in case you missed them.
1. Book presentations:
- Un solar abandonado (An Abandoned Plot), by Mohamed El Morabet.
- Los que tienen miedo (The Frightened Ones), by Dima Wannous
- La vida lenta (Slow Life), by Abdellah Taïa
- Tomar refugio (Taking Refuge), by Zeina Abirached and Mathias Énard, on the occasion of World Refugee Day
- Marruecos, el extraño vecino (Morocco, the Odd Neighbor), by Javier Otazu
- Genocidio del pueblo yazidí (Genocide of the Yazidi People), by Ethel Bonet (Ed. Última Línea).
- About Socotra: A conversation with Jordi Esteva

2. Series of conferences titled “Experiencing Islam in times of the pandemic”
3. Nights of Ramadan 2020. -Conferences:
- “Abd El Rahman the Émigré: The myth of the last Umayyads,” with Daniel Valdivieso
- “Life turns inward,” with Rafael Blanco
- “The furnishings of a Moorish house,” by Cristina Camacho and Rafael Valera.

4. Conference: Humanitarian action in conflict zones: The impact of Covid-19 on the Arab countries
5. Conference: Petroleum: the beginning of the end? 
6. Conference: The battle for Libya
7. Series of conferences titled “Islamophobia: Challenges in the twenty-first century”
8. Conference: Investments and industrial development in the Arab countries after COVID-19
9. Conference: The rise of disinformation and media-based violence.
10. Audio files for the Beginner’s Basma and Basma I Arabic textbooks.
Your “Top 10” for 2020