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“Al-Andalus and History”, a magazine 

The new online publication is a magazine intended for the general public,  designed by Fernando Bravo, Maribel Fierro and Alejandro García Sanjuán.

November 07, 2018
Its goal is to allow readers to become more familiar with the latest research on the past of Al-Andalus, understood in a broad sense: as the period of history on the Iberian Peninsula that stretches from approximately 711 to the expulsion of the Moriscos (1609). The publication thus considers that the period of Al-Andalus on the Peninsula goes beyond just the existence of Al-Andalus itself and encompasses both its most immediate historical consequences—the history of the Moorish population—and its reconstructions in literature, art, folklore,  politics and historiography across the centuries and up to today.

This magazine was conceived by Fernando Bravo, Maribel Fierro and Alejandro García Sanjuán on the occasion of the seminar “Hispania, Al-Andalus, Spain and Portugal: Identity and nationalism in Peninsular history,” which took place at Casa Árabe (Madrid) in November 2016.

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“Al-Andalus and History”, a magazine