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“Call for papers” for the Ninth FIMAM Meeting

From now until July 31, the registration period is open to submit summaries of papers for the Twenty-First meeting of the Forum for Research on the Arab and Muslim World (FIMAM). The event will be held on the dates of October 25 and 26 at Casa Árabe in Cordoba.

May 22, 2018
As at prior editions, the Twenty-First FIMAM Meeting will be an informal gathering that brings together researchers from all over Spain, as well as remaining open to researchers from other countries. They may present research projects that are complete, currently under way or in their initial stages. A round table will be organized to present the thesis projects in their initial stages, so as to gather opinions and get advice from the more experienced members.

The deadline for receiving paper summaries, containing no more than 300 words, is Tuesday, July 31, 2018. The proposals must include the following information:

● Author name
● Paper title
● Summary (no more than 300 words)
● Key words (no more than 5 words)
● Status of research: initial, under way or complete.
● University or center where research is being performed.
● Scientific discipline of the paper

Interventions: The round tables will be set up so that each speaker has 15-20 minutes to intervene, leaving enough time at the end for questions, answers and further debate.

Applications to participate, the paper summaries and any other proposals may be sent to

'Call for papers' in Spanish and in English
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“Call for papers” for the Ninth FIMAM Meeting