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A new issue of the journal Awraq

Casa Árabe publishes Volume nº 15 of “Awraq:  Journal for analysis and thought on the contemporary Arab and Islamic world,” with a monograph devoted to “A decade of transformation in the Arab world”

February 07, 2018
This issue of Awraq, published for the first half of 2017, is the result of a forum with the same name that took place in April of 2017 at Casa Árabe’s headquarters in Madrid, within the framework of the tenth anniversary celebration held by the institution. Other articles were later included in the publication to provide a more complete picture of the diverse political, economic and social worlds which characterize this region.

After introductions by the General Director of Casa Árabe, Pedro Martínez-Avial, and by the coordinator of this issue and International Politics at Casa Árabe, Karim Hauser, the first section, on politics, includes articles about New regional role-players and the changing balance of power in the Middle East (Louise Fawcett); ”Spring,” revolution and counter-revolution (Jean-Pierre Filiu); Alliances between State and non-State role-players in the Middle East (Kristina Kausch); Is reconciliation with authoritarian regimes possible? (Ibrahim Fraihat); States and Islamists in the Arab world, with special reference to Saudi Arabia (Madawi al-Rasheed), and The democratic transition in Tunisia: between legality and legitimacy (Salwa Hamrouni).

The second section, which includes reflections on economic factors in Arab countries, discusses topics such as the following: Challenges in Arab development: poverty, growth and the link with employment (Khalid Abu-Ismail, et al.); A trickle or a downpour: growth, poverty and social networks for security. The case of Egypt (Gouda Abdel-Khalek); From oil revenue to inclusive growth: lessons learned by the MENA region (Hassan Hakimian), and Oil and instability in the Middle East States: the political economics of distribution (Miriam R. Lowi).

Last of all, a section on Society rounds off the issue, with articles about Evaluating empowerment and equal rights in the Middle East (Wanda Krause); Transnational, political and cultural media in the Arab world (1991-2017) (Marwan M. Kraidy); The problem with Arab youth (Mayssun Soukarieh); New filmmakers in the Arab world: the case of the United Arab Emirates (Alejandra Val Cubero) and, last of all, Desire for freedom (Zoulikha Bouabdellah)

New issue of the journal Awraq
A new issue of the journal Awraq

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