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Aleph Abi Saad concert in Madrid

The pianist will be giving a recital with his orchestra on Monday, October 9 at the Teatro Lara in Madrid. Tickets are now on sale.

September 20, 2023
This concert by Fady Abi Saad, “Aleph,” will be taking place in the Cándido Lara Concert Hall on Monday, October 9 at 9:30 p.m. Expected duration: 90 minutes Tickets now on sale here.

“In 2016... at the heart of Madrid, a wonderful encounter brought together Aleph, the legendary Lebanese pianist known for his musical mix of Eastern sounds, tango and flamenco, with Yelsy Heredia, the renowned Cuban musician, and Antonio Serrano, the virtuoso Spanish harmonica player.

Their paths converged within the walls of the Musicgrama music studio, where Aleph was putting his album together. The studio became an incubator where the three masters shared not only their music, but also their stories, origins and hearts. Their songs did not consist of a fusion of genres alone, but became a testament to the power of diversity and a reflection on the universal language of music. When they step onto European stages next October, they will be carrying the seeds they planted and cultivated from 2016 to now, thus delivering world music that goes beyond borders by bonding hearts and souls in melody and rhythm.”
Aleph Abi Saad concert in Madrid
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