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Aziza Brahim concert in Madrid

On Friday, March 24, this singer and percussionist from the Sahara will be giving a performance at the auditorium in the Conde Duque Contemporary Culture Center, organized with the cooperation of Casa Árabe.

March 14, 2023
Voice of the Sahara
Aziza Brahim is a singer and percussionist from the Western Sahara, born and raised in the Saharawi refugee camps in Tindouf, Algeria. A granddaughter of the revolutionary poet Ljadra Mint Mabruk, she studied in Cuba, toured Europe with the Saharawi National Group and has lived in Spain since 2000. She settled in Barcelona as of 2011, where she has spent most of her musical career: four studio albums, three with the prestigious German label Glitterbeat Records, having earned critical acclaim and being placed on the most relevant lists of “ethnic” rhythms (World Music Chart Europe, Transglobal Music Chart). The artist offers a journey through much of her original repertoire, including songs of resistance and exile based on the tradition of El Haul, the music of the Western Sahara, as well as mixing with other African, Iberian, European and global beats in search of a sound she can call her own that balances tradition and modernity while connecting the music of the desert with sound from big cities.

The show will include songs from her studio albums, backed by an electric quartet (guitar, bass, drums), all of which revolves around the tabal (a traditional percussion instrument played since age-old times by women in the Saharawi culture), accompanying lyrics which poetically express her experience as a refugee, migrant and nomad in desert blues.

The concert will be taking place at 8:30 p.m. and will last approximately 70 minutes. The ticket price is 14 euros, and you can purchase them here.

With the cooperation of Casa Árabe. Concert forming part of the Symphonos Festival program.

GUITAR, Ignasi Cussò
BASS, Guillem Aguilar
PERCUSSION, Andreu Moreno

Aziza Brahim concert in Madrid
Aziza Brahim in concert