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Business meeting in Saudi Arabia

Madrid’s Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Services has organized this meeting in Riyadh from March 19 to 22. You can sign up now.

February 01, 2018

Madrid’s Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Services has organized this meeting in Riyadh for Spanish companies interested in engaging in projects and business in the Middle East’s number one economy.

The objective of the meeting is to promote cooperation between Spanish and Saudi companies in the sectors of engineering, infrastructures, renewable energies, railways, shipbuilding, consumer goods, foods, automobiles, aeronautics, telecommunications, information technologies, biotechnology, industrial production, health care and capital equipment (priority but not mutually excluding sectors).

Companies (private individuals or bodies corporate) whose headquarters or work sites are located in the city of Madrid may benefit from economic aid for the costs of participating in this meeting, thanks to the cooperation agreement between the Municipal Government of Madrid and the Madrid Chamber of Commerce.

The deadline for signing up is February 6. You may register at the International Department of the Madrid Chamber of Commerce (person responsible: Miguel Bufalá), or by calling 91 538 35 00, or writing to the e-mail address: Registration form.

Saudi Arabia, with over 32 million inhabitants, is one of the world’s highest-income economies, with the greatest oil reserves, and one of the top petroleum producers.  Foreign trade accounts for nearly 61% of its GDP. It is the 22nd largest exporter of goods and 21st largest importer in the world. Spanish companies can play a decisive role in the process to diversify the Saudi production model, as foreseen in the program Vision 2030, because the sectors identified as holding a priority are the same as those in which Spanish companies hold leading positions internationally. The country’s goal is to evolve towards an economy less dependent on oil, that is more diversified, open and competitive, where the private sector can act as the main driver of growth.

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