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Casa Árabe receives CIHAR’s Gold Medal for 2017

The institution’s General Director, Pedro Martínez-Avial, collected the award from Abdel Wahhab Tounsi, President of the Intercultural Spanish-Arab Circle.

June 22, 2018
At a ceremony which took place on June 22 at the Casa Árabe headquarters in Madrid, the Intercultural Spanish-Arab Circle (CIHAR) held its fourth institutional meeting and gave out its Gold Medals for 2017, one of which was bestowed upon this Spanish public diplomacy institution.

This acknowledgment was granted to Casa Árabe “for its work to increase awareness about Arab culture and everything surrounding it, bringing the Arab world closer to Spanish society through a wide range of cultural activities.”

Along with Casa Árabe, other winners of the Gold Medals at this edition included the Municipal Government of Almansa, for its festival of Moors and Christians, Antonio Camaró Sala (artist), Bahira Abdulatif (translator) and Marco Márquez Muñoz de Luna (Marco Magoa, playwright), and thanks were also given to the Christians and Moors performance groups from Almansa and the “Los Beduinos” group from the same town, in particular.

The event brought together 70 personages from the worlds of culture, academia, diplomacy, associations and institutions.

Casa Árabe receives CIHAR’s Gold Medal for 2017