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Contemporary Moroccan dance at the Matadero

The Frinje15 Festival is hosting the show “Madame Plaza” by director Bouchra Ouizguen.

July 01, 2015
This amazing show is a daring display of artistic commitment starring three female vocalists who sing the aïta –traditional songs of sorry and longing– from the Marrakesh nightclub “Madame Plaza.” In their country of origin, these women are shown both admiration and harsh social rejection. With profound sincerity and surprising humor, this show is a meeting of voices and bodies in search of freedom.

“Madame Plaza,” which could already be seen in cities like New York, Paris, London, Brussels, Berlin and Florence, as well as others, will be taking place on the dates of July 24 and 25 as part of the Frinje15 Festival (Matadero Madrid) and forms part of the “HouMa” (“Them”) series.

Conceived by FusiónCulturas, “HouMa” brings together three forms of artistic expression in which the main role is played by Moroccan women: contemporary dance (“Madame Plaza,” by Bouchra Ouizguen); cinema (“Rock the Casbah” by Laila Marrakchi) and art (“Patterns & Mobiles”). The events will be held from July 17 through 25 in Madrid and have been given the support of Matadero Madrid (Frinje15 Festival, Cineteca and Factoría Cultural) and that of Casa Árabe. 

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Contemporary Moroccan dance at the Matadero