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Forty years of religious freedom

On July 5, the enactment of the Spanish Public Act on Religious Freedom was commemorated in Spain.

July 24, 2020
In order to increase awareness about the content and scope of this fundamental right and inform people about its value, the “Pluralismo y Convivencia” Foundation has created a social media campaign that includes a series of video testimonials by people who lived through the lack of religious freedom in our country, as well as personages of acknowledged prestige who speak about the meaning of this law. The foundation has also brought together articles and historical documents about the drafting of the law  .

Surveys show that nearly half of Spain’s population do not consider religious freedom to be an important right in this country (Spring 2019 Global Attitudes Survey, Pew Research Center). However, it is essential for us to take a more in-depth look at the meaning that this law has had and still has in the lives of many people.

You can see all of the content by following this link and following the social media campaign with the hashtag #40añosLibertadReligiosa (#40YearsOfReligiousFreedom).
Forty years of religious freedom