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International “1200th anniversary of the Arrabal Mutiny” Day

Casa Árabe is contributing to the organization of this event, which commemorates the mutiny that occurred in the borough of Shaqunda (Cordoba), as well as the exile and construction of a Cordovan state on Crete. It will take place on December 17.

December 14, 2018
Cordoba, ninth century. During the reign of al-Haqem I, the inhabitants of the borough of Shaqunda (now Maraflores), overwhelmed by taxes, rebelled against the emir in 818 AD, during a civil uprising that lasted three days. Once the insurrection had been quelled, as a form of punishment, the neighborhood was set on fire and its inhabitants executed or exiled (about 20,000 families who had lived in the borough were forced to leave Cordoba, one-fourth of the city’s entire population).

Those Cordovan families that were banished crossed the sea, and 7,000 of them found refuge in Morocco, actively contributing to the founding of the city of Fez. The rest continued on their exodus through North Africa and on ships all over the Mediterranean for years, until finding each other again in Alexandria, where they began a feat which is almost unheard of in Spain.

The outlaws from Cordoba, led by Abu Hafs al-Balluti, a native of Los Pedroches, conquered Alexandria and set up an independent State of Alexandria. After their expulsion from Egypt, they took over Crete and other islands of smaller size in Byzantium in the year of 827, founding a Cordovan emirate there which endured for nearly a century and a half. There they were able to recreate a second Cordoba. They coined their own currency, acclimated their crops to the island, put in place a   silk industry, ran its mines, promoted flourishing trade and opened the island to the world.

On this international day the idea is to reclaim the memory of this quite unknown historical episode. During the morning session, domestic and foreign experts will explain the geopolitical situation of this region in the Mediterranean in the ninth century, as well as the events which took place during and after the Arrabal Mutiny in Cordoba, Fez, Alexandria and Crete. At the afternoon session, there will be an analysis of the implications of these events today, and proposals and recommendations will be made to maintain the historical memory of the peoples who played the main roles in these historical events, as well as developing enduring bonds of friendship and cooperation amongst them.

The day will be held on the upcoming date of December 17 at the Cordoba Visitors Welcoming Center (Plaza del Triunfo, s/n), from 9:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m.  Entry is free of charge with limited space, until the venue capacity is reached.

Event program
International “1200th anniversary of the Arrabal Mutiny” Day