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International relations in the Islamic world 

The Universidad Complutense de Madrid has organized this summer course directed by Professor Najib Abu-Warda, to be held from July 8 to 26.

May 30, 2019
The course is intended for students from all branches of the social sciences, including Information Sciences, Political Science, Law, Economics and Arab and Islamic Studies. Moreover, students seeking special training are admitted, such as diplomats, members of the military, civil servants, teachers, theologians, etc.

The course objectives include the following:

● Providing the students with an innovative analysis of the Arab and Islamic world
and its international relations, highlighting its dialectic relationship of interaction,
confrontation, cultural and social exchanges, and the expectations for dialogue
amongst civilizations.
● Introducing students a broad view of the Arab and Islamic world, analyzing, with the greatest possible objectivity, Islam as a unity of culture and religion, its
fundamental religious principles, its international influence, human
rights, and the potential for dialogue with the West.
● Taking a deeper look at specific factors in Islam and its various
forms of expression (religious and political movements existing within the
options of Islam itself).
● Analyzing the impact of Islam on the society around it and on the outside
● Dealing with the topics which are most controversial to public opinion, such as the status of women in Islam, radicalism, education, etc.
● Analyzing the main conflicts in the Islamic world, such as the conflict in the
Middle East, the Gulf wars, the Western Sahara, etc.
● Studying the initiatives for dialogue between the West and certain Islamic regions, such as the Euro-Arab Dialogue or Euro-Mediterranean Dialogue.
● Attempting to clear up the confusion caused by the media
when they speak about Islam, and highlighting the role of the media in
forming a more objective public opinion.

The course will be held from Monday through Friday, from 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m., with maximum attendance by 40 students. It allows students to earn 3 credits for their bachelor’s degree (only for UCM students) and the price to register is 780 euros, with the possibility of requesting aid.

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International relations in the Islamic world