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Islamic Finance in Spain, 2017

The report, forming part of Casa Árabe’s Socio-economic Notes line of publications, provides up-to-date information on the latest changes in the industry throughout various countries and regions around the world.

June 20, 2017
With over two trillion dollars in assets, or 1% of all global financial assets mobilized through more than 1,300 financial institutions around the world, Islamic finance has increased its presence in countries on every continent, from the Middle East and Southeast Asia to North America, and including Europe and Sub-Saharan Africa. In Spain, there are an increasing number of institutions offering specialized training and promoting knowledge about Islamic finance through publications, events and conferences.

The SCIEF-Casa Árabe Observatory of Islamic Finance in Spain, a group providing analysis and consultation for knowledge on current affairs in Islamic finance, created by these two institutions, to be officially presented on June 20, has published this report on the status of the industry in Spain and around the world. The report, published in the line called Socio-economic Notes by Casa Árabe, provides up-to-date information on changes in the sector in different countries and regions throughout the world. It includes a detailed analysis of the different initiatives and publications, as well as the most relevant events to have taken place in the field of Islamic finance in Spain in recent years, as well as highlighting the opportunities offered by Islamic financial instruments in the Spanish market.

Fatima Z. Bensar, “Las finanzas islámicas en España 2017” (“Islamic Finance in Spain”), Notas Socioeconómicas de Casa Árabe 13/2017 (Casa Árabe / SCIEF).
Islamic Finance in Spain, 2017

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