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Issue number 14 of the journal Awraq has been published

The latest issue of the “Journal for analysis and thought on the contemporary Arab and Islamic world” is a monographic edition dedicated to “Islamic Finance in the Arab Transition Processes.” 

May 24, 2017
Casa Árabe has published Issue nº 14 of “Awraq: Journal for analysis and thought on the contemporary Arab and Islamic world,” with a monograph dedicated to  “Islamic Finance in Arab Transition Processes.” The central part of this issue of Awraq, published for the second half of 2016, is the result of two events with the same name, “Islamic Financial Institutions in Arab Transitions: Potential sources of financial development,” organized within the framework of the annual congress held by the British Association for Islamic Studies (BRAIS) in London in April 2015, and the international seminar organized by Casa Árabe in October of the same year, with the cooperation of two institutes at the National Center for Scientific Research (CNRS, based on its abbreviation in French), CRESPPA (Centre de Recherches Sociologiques et Politiques de Paris), TELEMME-MMSH (Temps, Espaces, Langages, Europe Méridionale – Méditerranée de la Maison Meditérranéenne des Sciences de l’Homme) and the Durham University Business School.

The thematic articles in this issue are: Islamic finance in North Africa: initial hypotheses, objectives and development in a context of change (Olivia Orozco); Islamic banking in North Africa: an institutional focus  (Rodney Wilson); Islamic finance and the economy of credit: a community-based focus for local development in the Arab transition (Valentino Cattelan); Re-conceptualization of the “Islamic label” on Islamic finance: towards a new socio-economic focus? (Inmaculada Macías-Alonso), and the case studies: The Tunisian financial system after the revolution: what is happening with Islamic finance? (Samouel Beji); The arrival of Islamic finance in Morocco: challenges and socio-economic potential (Abderrahmane Lahlou), and Development of Islamic finance in in Egypt (Rania A. Salem).

In the miscellaneous section, there is an article titled Acoustic comparison of vowels in the Spanish and Arabic languages (Saad Mohamed Saad). Rounding off this issue are reviews of a book by Ignacio Álvarez-Ossorio (2016), Siria. Revolución, sectarismo y yihad (Syria: Revolution, sectarianism and jihad), reviewed by Aristóteles Moreno Villafaina, a journalist, and a collective book edited by Isaías Barreñada and Raquel Ojeda (2016) Sahara Occidental: 40 años después (The Western Sahara: 40 years later), reviewed by Sidi M. Omar.

Appearing at the presentation of the journal on May 31 at our Madrid headquarters will be a representative from the Central Bank of Morocco (Bank Al-Maghrib), Mohammed Zougari Laghrari, the Director of Research and Relations with Participatory Financial Institutions, in the Banking Oversight Department.
Issue number 14 of the journal Awraq has been published

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Casa Árabe has organized this conference, to be given by a representative of the Central Bank of Morocco (Bank Al-Maghrib) on the occasion of the presentation of the latest issue of the journal Awraq.
May 31, 2017 MADRID