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Kosmopolis 2023: Special edition on Morocco

Barcelona’s Center for Contemporary Culture (CCCB) has included a window into the literature and thought of Morocco at this year’s edition of Kosmópolis. Come and discover it as of October 27.

October 20, 2023
The special will start off on Friday, October 27, 2023 at 8:00 p.m. with a dialogue titled “Written Morocco: A novel-like reality,” with the participation of Mahi Binebine and Manuel Forcano.

The artist Mahi Binebine is at the same time one of the most prestigious figures in Moroccan literature today. His works unfurl a frieze displaying the society of Morocco today, with all its misery and heroes, all characters who withstand abuses of power and the scarcity of a difficult life torn between the desire to emigrate and a longing to thrive with freedom yet to be fully achieved. His literary voice provides a stark but also poetic reflection upon the most serious social problems affecting the southern shore of the Mediterranean, including mafias, violent Islamism, discrimination against women, illegal immigration and the political and social repression of a country under a regime of absolute monarchy.

His translator into Catalan, poet Manuel Forcano, will interview him to discover the more hidden aspects of this amazing creator of images and stories, a great novelist coming from a fertile, profound literary tradition that is close to us, but unfortunately still quite unknown to us.

After the talk (9:15 p.m.), we will begin the Ikram Bouloum DJ set concert. Performer Ikram Bouloum is presenting her universe of sound in a DJ set format. Of Moroccan descent, Ikram conceives of her music as a tool that helps us to revisit our own identity. Her sessions form a space of discovery which reveal the polyphonic character of her the music she offers us. Ikram has taken part in major music festivals of international prestige, including Primavera Sound and Sónar. At Kosmopolis, she contributes to an increase in awareness about literature through sounds which connect us with both shores of the Mediterranean.

A day later, on Saturday, October 28, the schedule will continue with a talk titled “Opening the Way to Freedom,” which will bring together Chadia Arab, Hicham Houdaifa, Yasmina Naji, Kenza Sefrioui and Mireia Estrada.

In a country without full freedom of expression, the courageous voices of those who question, those who have decided not to remain silent, to wield words which pave the way for others. They investigate, reflect, analyze, understand, propose and publish. In their essays, in their research, in their reports, expression finds ways to grow free. They play the starring role in a change which is coming little by little, one to which Kosmopolis wishes to provide a voice.

At this session, four essential voices from the current literary and cultural scene in Morocco, Chadia Arab, Hicham Houdaifa, Yasmina Naji and Kenza Sefrioui, will be discussing the times that the country is now going through, the challenges it is facing and the huge increase in the number of cultural projects that has occurred in recent years. Mireia Estrada Gelabert, cultural manager and expert on Morocco, will be moderating the talks.

-Morocco’s social reality
Chadia Arab and Hicham Houdaifa
5:00-6:00 p.m.

-An artistic portrait of Morocco
Yasmina Naji and Kenza Sefrioui
6:00-7:00 p.m.

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About Kosmopolis
Kosmópolis: The Amplified Literature Festival is a biennial literary meeting that has been held at Barcelona’s Center of Contemporary Culture since 2002, with an ongoing program that keeps the spirit of the festival alive from one edition to the next.

At Kosmopolis, literature plays the main role, in all of its forms: there is a commitment to the concept of amplified literature, in all those manifestations of the word -oral, printed and electronic- which break down the divisions between genres, assuming changing types of reading and writing media, while preventing the demise of any whose disappearance has at some time been foretold.

Every new edition of the festival revives the spirit that encouraged its creation: to become an event for art and freedom inspired by an age-old awareness: we are citizens of the cosmos, citizens of the universe.
Kosmopolis 2023: Special edition on Morocco