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Learn more about the Félix María Pareja Islamic Library 

Luisa Mora, director of the “Félix María Pareja” Islamic Library (run by the Spanish International Development Cooperation Agency-AECID) is hosting a video to present the institution which she directs, the collections it contains and an explanation of how to gain access to it.

July 09, 2020
In 2015, the Library received the UNESCO Sharjah Award, and in 2019 the Ibn Arabi Hikma Award, which highlights its value as a unique center among European libraries due to the unique nature of its collections.

It offers all of the materials imaginable in relation with the Arab world and Islam, including all topics and many different languages. It contains 1,330 books from its ancient collection after the sixteenth century, most of which have now been digitalized. There are also monographs, doctoral theses, offprints, maps and charts, print works, historical photographs and more.

In addition to the acquisitions of collections, donations by Spanish Arabists and the Casa Árabe Media Library must also be pointed out, as they have allowed the Library to update its collection with topics from the contemporary Arab world, including a great deal of material on culture, comics and cinema.

You can consult the Library’s catalogue on its website, which also allows access to the Digital Library and the blog “La Reina de los Mares,” which takes visitors on bibliographic tours through the collections, with a major emphasis on the Spanish Protectorate in Morocco.

Learn more about the Félix María Pareja Islamic Library