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N3rdistan in Concert 

The performance, to be held on Friday, December 22, forms part of the schedule of La Navideña, Madrid’s International Fair of Cultures.

December 20, 2017
N3rdistan is performing in Madrid for the first time ever, at an event that will be taking place at the Matadero Art Residencies Center in Madrid, starting at 8:30 p.m. It provides a great chance to discover the new musical horizons being proposed by this Moroccan artist.

N3rdistan’s story is that of exiles who have come from other places with their mystical songs, troubling texts and convincing rhymes. Somewhere between rock, trip-hop, electronic music, Eastern beats and world music, this project, led by the charismatic Walead Ben Selim, mixes the power of the digital with age-old Arabic poetry, the melodies of the “kora” and the Fula flute with ease.

It is an exciting show that lies at the borders between Oriental Beat and Electro-Urban, with musical accompaniments to the texts of Walead Ben Selim and famous freedom poets like Mahmoud Darwish, Khalil Gibran and Nizar Qabbani, modified through samplers and sounds that question the meaning of life and digital exile. In summation, N3rdistan stimulates the discovery of new musical horizons.

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N3rdistan in Concert 

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