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Nights of Ramadan 2017 in Madrid

Casa Árabe is taking part in another new edition of the Nights of Ramadan Festival organized by the Municipal Government of Madrid, with a wide range of activities.

June 05, 2017
June 10 through 25 are the dates chosen this year to take a closer look and get work in-depth knowledge of some nearby cultures, thereby enriching ourselves while appreciating the importance of diversity and cultural cooperation. Nights of Ramadan is a festival which draws us closer to things new, recent and innovative, combining tradition and modernity. It is a space in which reflection and debate are given a significant place so that we can learn about the diversity and plurality existing in Madrid.

On June 12, we will get a close view of the experience of Ramadan, through a conference given by Morocco’s Sanaa El Aziri at  Casa Árabe. Also at Casa Árabe’s headquarters in Madrid, on June 15 there will be a concert given by Hyperpotamus & Abdullah Miniawy, with a very contemporary Spanish-Egyptian musical performance.

Three of the four concerts at the Parque del Casino de La Reina in Lavapiés will feature women musicians, from Algeria, Tunisia and Senegal. Originating from this last country is Fakeba, who will be giving her first concert ever in Europe on June 21, Music Day, with a fusion of traditional and electronic music.

Film, dance, music, poetry, debates, literature... all will be given a space in these open activities held with the cooperation of entities such as Casa Árabe, UNED, foundations, bookstores and associations. The Nights of Ramadan will also have a presence on International Refugee Day at the Parque Eva Péron in the district of Salamanca.

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Nights of Ramadan 2017 in Madrid