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Ninth “Guadalquivir” international Piano Festival (FIP)

The event, this edition of which is devoted to forms of music “From East to West,” will be held from September 19 to 30 in Cordoba, with the cooperation of Casa Árabe.

September 07, 2018
Casa Árabe is contributing to the ninth edition of the the Guadalquivir international Piano Festival (FIP), with the theme “From East to West,” continuing its work aimed at increasing awareness about the splendor of the city of Cordoba around the world through piano.

The year 2018 edition will contribute a broader global viewpoint and an accent on the different civilizations which have influenced the development of our culture, with a special focus on the mixture produced by Spanish colonizations in North America and Latin America and the arrival of Arab and Jewish people in our city. It will includes artists of the stature of Sergey Teslya, Mikhail Milman, Enrique Bagaría and many others, at locations such as the archeological site of Medina Azahara (a Unesco World Heritage Site as of 2018), the Mosque-Cathedral, the Palace of Viana, the CPM Ziryab Conservatory and many other emblematic spaces in the city, such as the Royal Circle of Friendship and Rooftops of the Old Jewish Quarter.

In a constant search for innovation, approximation and public information for all sorts of audiences, the festival seeks to strengthen Cordoba’s status as a “brand” with a musical identity and a role model in terms of quality and cultural wealth at the local, national and international levels.

Its high degree of creativity has allowed it, throughout these eight editions, to put on never before seen events and concerts with unique themes, as well as joining up with other sectors in social affairs, tourism and development to broaden the scope of activities while renewing the traditional concept of the concert. This has caused the festival to stand out when compared with other local and national festivals, becoming the official event of the “National Spain Festival” in Milan in 2017, with the show titled “Cordoba and Its Patios.”

Organized by: The Guadalquivir Pianistic Cultural Association (ACGP)
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Ninth “Guadalquivir” international Piano Festival (FIP)