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Premiere of “Strawberry Fields Not Forever”

This film by Maite Vitoria Daneris can be seen in Spain for the first time on September 17, with just three screenings more after that date.

September 04, 2015
On September 17, Madrid’s Cineteca will be hosting the premiere of El lugar de las fresas (Strawberry Fields Not Forever, Spain and Italy, 2013, 90 minutes), a documentary film by Madrid resident Maite Vitoria Daneris.

Lina is an elderly peasant woman from northern Italy. Her back is curved over and she looks towards the ground. Every morning at dawn, she goes to the largest open-air market in Europe, Porta Palazzo, in the center of Turin, where she sells her vegetables and strawberries. Lina’s life, as she says, consists of “home, church and work.” Lina has no children, but she does take care of five dogs and her husband Gianni, who wants her to quit working. One day at the market, Hassan comes onto the scene, a young Moroccan immigrant who just reached Italy in search of work...

Strawberry Fields Not Forever is the story of these characters, filmed for seven years from the viewpoint of a young Spanish filmmaker, at such a common, universal place as the large open-air market. Above all, though, it is a poetic film that shows viewers the most pure and essential value of human life through the people’s work on their land.

The film has been awarded with the Grand Prize of the Jury for best documentary film at the Italian Film Festival of Annecy (France, 2014), First Prize for the best documentary film at the International Sguardi Altrove Film Festival of Milan (Italy, 2014), and the “Ucca” Award for best documentary film and “Gli occhialdi di Ghandhi” as the best documentary film at the Turin Film Festival (Italy, 2013). It has also been very well-received by audiences at theaters in Italy, France and Morocco.

Attending the premiere, with which Casa Árabe collaborated, will be both the director Maite Vitoria Daneris and the film’s star, Hassan Raqabi. As of that date, the film will be screened on three further occasions, on September 18, 19 and 20 at 8:00 p.m. in the Sala Borau (Cineteca Madrid).

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Premiere of “Strawberry Fields Not Forever”