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Premiere of the Tunisian film “Hedi”

On the upcoming date of February 17, this feature film directed by Mohamed Ben Attia with awards received at the last Berlin Film Festival, will be coming out in cinemas.

February 03, 2017
Hedi (Inhebbek Hedi) tells the stories of a Tunisian youth who is split between tradition and modernity when dealing with an important dilemma that will mark his future. Hedi is a simple young man: he doesn’t speak much, doesn’t have a strong personality and doesn’t expect much from a life which he already has mapped out. Indifferent to everything around him, he accepts things the way they are. However, on an unplanned trip he meets Rym, an entertainer at a beachside hotel where fewer and fewer tourists are coming to stay. Hedi feels drawn in by her light-hearted nature and free spirit.

Through this story, in which freedom of choice is reigned in by an attachment to customs, Mohamed Ben Attia offers us a portrait of today’s Tunisian youths, while at the same time showing the situation of social, economic and religious crisis that the country is now experiencing.

The film won the Best First Feature Award and the Silver Bear for Best Actor at the Berlin International Film Festival.
Premiere of the Tunisian film “Hedi”