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Presentation of “The Cordoba Book Mule”

On Friday, November 3 at the Crash! bookstore in Córdoba, Carmen González Gutiérrez will be presenting this work by Wilfird Lupano and Léonard Chemineau, published by Norma Editorial.

October 26, 2023
The presentation will begin at 7:00 pm at the bookstore, located at Calle Duque de Fernán Núñez, 2.

“The Cordoba Book Mule” is a comedy-tinged story about three people (and a mule) forced to survive together, a love letter to tolerance, knowledge and the value of culture as a tool for peaceful coexistence. The play takes us to the end of the tenth century AD.The Caliphate of Cordoba has been left in the hands of Almanzor, guardian of the real Caliph Hisham II, still a minor. One of his most sadly infamous measures was burning thousands of volumes in the great library of Cordoba. On the eve of the great burning, the librarian Tarid tries desperately to save as many books as possible. In this nearly impossible undertaking, he is assisted by the copyist Lubna and a former disciple-turned-thief named Marwan. Together they carry dozens of volumes on the back of a stolen mule (one of the oldest and most stubborn to be found in the caliphate) and go on a desperate flight with an uncertain destination, overcoming all sorts of obstacles.

Carmen González Gutiérrez holds an international PhD and works as a researcher in the field of Archeology at the University of Cordoba. She is a specialist in the urban planning of Umayyad Córdoba and author of the thesis “The Mosques of Islamic Cordoba: Concept, types and urban function.”
Presentation of “The Cordoba Book Mule”