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Reconstruction under post-conflict contexts in the MENA region

Casa Árabe and IEMed are publishing this document with the conclusions and recommendations by the two work groups on this topic, which they organized last year in collaboration with the Icex.

May 26, 2017
The meetings analyzed the different topics and challenges brought up by these future processes from the perspective of prior reconstruction experiences in the region, bearing in mind the need to include the various role-players, civil society, the private sector, international entities and diasporas therein.

Written by María Goenaga, an independent expert, and published by Casa Árabe and IEMed, the document (in English) was organized in accordance with fives areas of discussion, about which the debates were held:

(1) General considerations about post-war reconstruction processes.
(2) Theoretical debates over different reconstruction models.
(3) Socio-economic topics in reconstruction (consequences of different financing models, development and human capital needs).
(4) The international community’s role in post-conflict countries.
(5) Priorities in material reconstruction processes, with a special emphasis on transportation Infrastructures, energy and urban planning.

María Goenaga, “Post-Conflict Re-Construction in MENA: Previous Experiences and Stakeholders’ Inclusive Involvement in the Future Reconstruction of Libya, Syria and Iraq,” IEMed Papers nº 21, April 2017.

Work Group Meeting in Barcelona, IEmed, April 11, 2016

Work Group Meeting in Madrid, Casa Árabe, April 11, 2016

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Reconstruction under post-conflict contexts in the MENA region