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Report on Islamophobia in Spain, 2017 

Casa Árabe is hosting this presentation of the Report on Islamophobia in Spain of 2017, produced by the Citizen Platform Against Islamophobia (PCCI) at its headquarters in Madrid.

March 09, 2018
The document includes sections ranging from a status analysis, a brief summary of advancements and achievements in 2017, cyber-hate tracking, court decisions on hate crimes, requests for corrections in the media, social network provider responsibility and good practices at institutions, including participation at meetings and events, and in several projects.

The event, held on March 2 at Casa Árabe’s headquarters in Madrid, included participation, on behalf of the PCCI, by Isabel Romero, Bárbara Ruiz, Aurora Ali and Esteban Ibarra, who reminded those attending of the need to strengthen legislation and propose methods to prevent and eradicate Islamophobia in all of its forms, including intolerance, discrimination and hate crimes, as well as providing support to victims.

The Citizen Platform Against Islamophobia has been made up of the Islamic Cultural Center of Valencia, the NGO “Movimiento contra la Intolerancia” and the Islamic Board of Spain, since it was registered in 2011. Its purpose is to fight Islamophobia in all of its forms and manifestations, and in all arenas, as well as promoting participation by the people to achieve a respectful, democratic, free and plural society rooted in human rights; performing systematic tracking of hate crimes, acts of intolerance and discriminatory Islamophobic behavior, as well as assisting and advising victims and working with national and European institutions.

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Report on Islamophobia in Spain, 2017