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Second Alberto Elena Award for Research on Peripheral Cinemas

Articles for this award will be accepted until October 30. It has been organized by Secuencias, a cinema history journal published by the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid and the TECMERIN research group at Universidad Carlos III.

September 26, 2017
This second edition of the award will continue following its goal of rewarding the best work in the Spanish language on the concept of “peripheral cinemas” and, in general, a hypothetical audiovisual periphery, with the intention of advancing what was one of Alberto Elena’s main lines of work as a researcher.
The award consists of publishing the article in Secuencias, as well as presenting it at a public conference with compensation.

New end date: October 30, 2017
Language: Spanish
You can read the full award rules here
Though the competition is open to all research proposals related with a peripheral geopolitical area or the South (as Alberto Elena preferred to refer to these sites of cinema production and consumption in his most recent works) and any sort of audiovisual proposal, the title of this award highlights a certain part of audiovisual production that has systematically been ignored or marginalized by specific schools of thought and study. Although the initial terminology has been surmounted (in other words, referring to Third World film, instead of Peripheral Film), the truth is that the idea of “peripheral cinema” restored a whole geopolitical area which had yet to be fully integrated into the worldwide historiography in terms of the audiovisual research in Spanish.

Second Alberto Elena Award for Research on Peripheral Cinemas