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The “Kif-Kif: Comics for Inclusiveness” project is under way

These workshops, held with the support of Casa Árabe, are being given at seven high schools in the Autonomous Region of Madrid.

February 06, 2017
Throughout the month of January 2017, the Al Fanar Foundation began its workshops Kif-Kif: Comics for Inclusiveness at seven high schools (IES) in the Autonomous Region of Madrid: IES Dolores Ibarruri in Fuenlabrada, IES La Arboleda in Alcorcón, IES León Felipe in Torrejón de Ardoz, IES Las Américas and IES Manuel Elkin Patarroyo in Parla, IES Infanta Elena in Galapagar and IES Las Lagunas in Rivas. The workshops at the first five of these high schools were financed by the Autonomous Region of Madrid and the last two by Casa Árabe.
The workshops, each of which consisted of five different sessions, have dealt with topics such as identity, Islamophobia and gender, instilling fear in others through the media and non-violent forms of resistance. The supporting materials used in the workshops included the comic book Las Afueras (The Suburbs) by illustrator Manu Ripoll, based on work by the third-year Secondary School students at the IES Maria Campany high school in the town of Cornellà de Llobregat, under the coordination of Yorgos Konstantinou, as part of a project implemented by the Al Fanar Foundation, the association La Llum del Nord and Irenia Jocs de Pau, with financing from the Catalonian Agency for Cooperation and Development.

The project assessment will be presented at Casa Árabe in June, once the project has also been implemented at baccalaureate level schools in the Autonomous City of Ceuta and the Autonomous Region of Catalonia.

Free access to the comic Las Afueras (The Suburbs) in Spanish |  in Catalan | in Darija (Moroccan Arabic) 
Further information on the Kif-Kif project at Al Fanar
The “Kif-Kif: Comics for Inclusiveness” project is under way

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