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The Casa Árabe terrace reopens in

After becoming a hit last summer, Casa Árabe’s terrace restaurant is returning on Friday, April 8, with a new name: “Lakook Casa Árabe,” a gourmet project by the entity Causas CEAR, which is committed to the integration and professional advancement of refugees.

April 07, 2022
The restaurant employs 14 people, mostly refugees and migrants currently on the path towards integration. It offers a simple menu with ten dishes and two desserts that take you on a journey through the aromas, colors and flavors of Arab cuisine.

For the occasion, we are updating our cuisine offerings with dishes like Manoushe, “Lebanese Pizza” with zaatar, tomato and cucumber, and Kibbeh Al Samak, a sea bass and prawn kibbeh with garlic sauce and tabbouleh, as well as adding a new dessert item: Kanafeh, kataifi pastry, melted cheese and frozen yogurt. We will still be serving classics like Labneh, Moroccan Zaalouk, Shawarma Mushakan from Palestine and Basbousa cake, a dessert here to represent Egypt, along with others.

The reopening date is set for Friday, April 8 with service as of 1:00 p.m. Thursday through Sunday.

Lakook - Casa Árabe
Address: Calle Alcalá, 62
28009 - Madrid

Check out the menu and make your reservation on our website or contact us by telephone:
628 37 20 39
910 689 594
The Casa Árabe terrace reopens inMadrid