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Theater: “Bye bye Yilu”

The Universidad Autónoma de Madrid’s Arab theater group, ArabUAM, is putting on an adapted version of this work by Taha Adnan this Sunday, June 17 at Casa Árabe.

June 13, 2018
The work describes in the first person the experience of an immigrant who is deported after having reached Europe in an “irregular,” “illegal” way. Through the main character’s voice, various situations which a person must face along what becomes a neverending journey are described. Criticism of the colonial system made possible and perpetuated by the migratory crisis is present throughout the entire play.

The performance will be taking place at 7:30 p.m. in Casa Árabe’s Hall of Columns (at Calle Alcalá, 62, basement level, next to the restaurant), with free entry until the event’s capacity is reached..

The Arabic language theater group ArabUAm is made up of: Abraham Valera Laborda, Natalia Accardi, Nedjma Khoudi, Oumaima Zaidi, Jana Komaskova, Ignacio Gutiérrez de Terán Gómez-Benita, Ana González Navarro, Nadia Jallad, Laura Fernández Barraza, Abdul Hadi Sadoun and Olga Blázquez Sánchez

TITLE:  باي باي جيلو
(Bye bye Yilu)
SCRIPT BY: طه عدنان
Taha Adnan
GENRE: Micro-theater, physical theater
DURATION:15 minutes + colloquium

Preview of the play
Video of the full play

Theater: “Bye bye Yilu”