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Tours from a gender-based perspective Cordoba’s patios: in Women’s hands

For yet another year, Casa Árabe is cooperating on the programming of activities by Cordoba’s Teachers’ Center (CEP), run by the Territorial Delegation for Culture of the Autonomous Regional Government of Andalusia. Tours on Wednesdays, April 4, 11, and 18.

March 16, 2018
The tours, guided by Professor Inmaculada Serrano, interpret Cordoba’s heritage from a gender-based perspective. Despite the lack of women in most historical sources, their presence is essential to construct and understand our city’s history. Through these tours, we will get a closer look at their lives inside in the Patios of Cordoba, an Immaterial World Heritage Site since 2012.

There will be three tours covering different historical periods in the city, from the eleventh century up to the modern day. The different figures that we will be studying belong to different professional arenas and social classes, from wealthy noble women to the most humble and modest among them. However, all these women have something in common: the fact that they made cultural contributions to the city of Cordoba and the history of equality.

-Giving a voice to the women of Cordoba as a part of History
-Giving a closer look at our rich heritage of Patios within the historical context of a gender-based perspective
-Highlighting the contribution by Cordoba’s women to the city’s cultural, social and economic development.
-Learning about the rich historical heritage of all the buildings and houses included on the tour within an educational context.
-Carrying out gender-related tours with students as a tool for teaching on co-educational topics.

-The historical and social context of Cordoba’s women.
-History of emblematic places in Cordoba: the Patios
-Relationship between the places visited with Cordoba’s legends and traditions.

Through the different tours, we will get a closer look at manorial homes, ancient palaces, neighborhood homes and places which constitute a cultural treasure of unquestionable value to Cordoba.

Tours and times
TOUR 1: Wednesday, April 4 (5:30-8:30 p.m.). Itinerary of Tour 1: Casa Árabe (formerly the Casa Mudéjar), Casa de Sefarad, Cordoba’s Municipal Souk, the Synagogue, the Casa del Indiano and the Municipal Historical Archive of Cordoba.

TOUR 2: Wednesday, April 11 (5:30-8:30 p.m.). Itinerary of Tour 2: Department of Equality (Provincial Council of Cordoba), Casa Carbonell (currently the headquarters of Vimcorsa), the “Rafael Orozco” Higher Music Conservatory, the Rakú ceramics workshop (patio at Calle Maese Luis, 22).

TOUR 3:  Wednesday, April 18 (5:30-8:30 p.m.) Itinerary of Tour 3:
Palacio de Viana, Palacio de Orive, the Festival of Patios Interpretation Center (at Calle Trueque, 4), the Patios on Calle Juan Palo and Calle Juan Tocino.

Intended for
-Officials working on the Equality Plan
-Educators in general who teach at centers of learning in Cordoba and the province interested in co-education.

Selection criteria
Order of registration.

Place and date
The work sessions will be held in the different locations which are described in the brochure on the activity.

Application deadline: Until Sunday, April 1, 2018   10:00 a.m.

Certified hours: 9 hours in person and 3 hours not in person.

Responsible departments and coordinators:
Rosa Mª Solano Fernández, Cordoba CEP advisor.
Phone numbers: 671567356 / 76735

Tour program
Tours from a gender-based perspective Cordoba’s patios: in Women’s hands