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Trade mission to Egypt in 2019

The Madrid Chamber of Commerce has organized this trade mission for companies interested in exploring the opportunities provided by the Egyptian market. Registration has now begun.
September 26, 2019

September 26, 2019
The trade mission will take place from November 18 through 22, and the registration period has now begun at the International Department of the Madrid Chamber of Commerce (contact Miguel Bufalá, by calling telephone number 91 538 3781, or by writing to the email address
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The Egyptian government is developing its Vision 2030 Plan, a comprehensive plan with the goal of promoting an increase in GDP and employment, as well as greater private participation in the country’s economy. Most notable amongst the mega-projects are the creation of a New Administrative Capital City, the Suez Canal Economic Zone and the Golden Triangle.

Egypt, with a population of over 100 million inhabitants and steady economic growth of more than 5%, presents trade opportunities and potential demand in practically every sector of the economy. It is the third most populated country in Africa, after Nigeria and Ethiopia, and 20% of its population has medium or high purchasing power. It has a highly diversified economy, and in terms of GDP it has taken a stronger hold as the third largest in the region, behind Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates. The latest available data indicate that exports from Spain to Egypt reached 1.646 billion euros in 2018, for a 41% increase compared with the preceding year.

The Madrid Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Services has organized this trade mission to Egypt for Spanish companies interested in exploring the Egyptian market, and the opportunities and business created by the new projects under way. Some of the most notable sectors of interest include: infrastructures, transportation, consulting services, equipment for agriculture, water treatment and supply (civil, agricultural and industrial uses), desalinization, renewable energies and conventional energy.

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Trade mission to Egypt in 2019