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Trade missions to Tunisia and to Jordan and Lebanon

Madrid’s Chamber of Commerce has organized a business trip to Jordan and Lebanon that will be taking place from September 30 through October 5. The trade mission to Tunisia will be held from October 22 to 25. There is still time to sign up for either of them.

July 01, 2018
Madrid’s Chamber of Commerce has organized two trade missions to Arab countries next autumn.

The destination of the first, which will be taking place from September 30 through October 5, is Jordan and Lebanon, where those attending can find out more about the economic situation there and the innovations in the tax framework for increasing foreign investments, as well as the main sectors of interest to Spanish companies. The deadline for signing up is July 15, using this form. 

Jordan, with a population of more than 10 million inhabitants, has a modern financial system and quality infrastructures, and its government is implementing policies to improve the tax system and increase foreign investment. The presence of Spanish companies is growing in the same way as exports, which, according to the latest official published data, have increased by 45% over the last financial year. From 2017 to 2019, structural reforms have been carried out with the collaboration of the International Monetary Fund, with the goal of balancing its economy’s deficit and promoting the country’s ongoing development. Lebanon, with somewhat more than 4 million inhabitants and 1.1% of the population of the ten MENA countries that import petroleum, produces 5.7% of the wealth created in those countries and enjoys a per-capita GDP three times higher than the average for the region, approaching 18,000 US dollars. The country is a great consumer of foreign products and the capital investment plan (or CIP) intends to modernize Lebanese Infrastructures by carrying out structural reforms and changes in sectors such as water, electricity, transportation, telecommunications, solid waste treatment, education and cultural heritage, with funding of 16billion dollars.

As regards Tunisia, the mission will be taking place from October 22 to 25. The deadline to sign up was July 5, but those still interested may contact the Madrid Chamber of Commerce to arrange for their participation.

Tunisia, with a population of more than 11 million people, is showing interannual growth of 2%, which encourages optimism in terms of the country’s economic situation. Furthermore, the Tunisian government has started up notable reforms, such as the enactment of the new legal framework on foreign investment, which will turn the country into one of the most open economies in the region, with a young labor force that has a high level of training. In 2017, our bilateral trade reached the figure of 1.293 billion euros, with Spanish exports to Tunisia amounting to 861 million euros. Likewise, we were the fourth most important client and fifth most important suppliers of products for the country. In the last year, more than 3,700 Spanish companies exported to Tunisia, of which 45% are regular exporters. As for the Free Trade Agreement between the European Union and Tunisia, it is expected to be signed in the year of 2019. It will entail a significant advancement in bilateral economic relations and new business opportunities for companies from both markets.

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Trade missions to Tunisia and to Jordan and Lebanon