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Tres Festival: Voices of the Mediterranean 

Organized by the Tres Culturas Foundation, with the cooperation of Casa Árabe and the main institutions of Andalusia and Granada, bringing together writers from different Mediterranean countries in Granada from April 26 to 28.

April 26, 2018
Though distinctions are often made between the north and south shores of the Mediterranean, both comprise a historical unity of identity which allows us to speak of one single Mediterranean culture possessing common, very well-defined characteristics, with all its wealth and complexity, shared by people of different origins, ideologies and beliefs.

This unity can also be seen in a series of shared problems: today’s situation of economic and political crisis, the war in Syria and the advancement of fundamentalisms of all types...

Literature and culture may perhaps not be able to stop a war or keep a specific individual from carrying out an attack, but it may contribute to a better understanding of others in general, the integration of peoples into tolerant communities which are willing to work towards peaceful co-existence and, of course, moving further down the path of equality and peace.

This event includes a poetry recital and conversations with writers and book signings, conferences and round table discussions on poetry, the Arab Springs, fundamentalisms, literature, translation, book publishing, comics, photography and sexual freedom, as well as many other topics. Those attending will also get the opportunity to see the exhibition “Miradas paralelas,” enjoy a concert given by Sophia Charaï and attend the film screenings in the cinema series that has been planned.

The activities will be held at the Federico García Lorca Center, at the Granada Book Fair, the School of Translation and Interpretation and the School of Fine Arts.

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Tres Festival: Voices of the Mediterranean