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Voices of the world, voices of Cordoba

On Monday, November 12, Casa Árabe is hosting this intercultural activity organized by the Cordoba Pro-Immigrants Association (APIC-Andalucía Acoge) to celebrate its twenty-fifth anniversary.

November 07, 2018
The event, characterized by its cultural mixture and universality, is an attempt to create a meeting space which is a reflection of an increasingly plural and diverse society, giving a voice to the different people attending so that they may express their own cultural identity. Within this context, participants will recite poems from their countries of origin (in their native languages), accompanied by a series of images that represent their countries and their music, live and in person.

At the same time, an exhibition will be held to show the work by a photographer of Syrian origin, Alaa Chnana, forming a display of photographs titled “Refuge,” with the goal of increasing awareness about the situation of Syrian refugee children. The intention of this activity is to promote the creation of a new model of co-existence based on interculturalism.
Voices of the world, voices of Cordoba