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Volunteers are being sought for neurological research programs  

The Neurology Department at the Hospital Clínico San Carlos of Madrid is looking for volunteers of Arab origin for a neuropsychology study that includes transcultural testing.

May 24, 2019
In recent decades, the constant migratory movements taking place in the European Union have turned the continent into a space for peaceful co-existence with great cultural diversity. More specifically, the foreign population residing in Spain has reached 4,719,419 people (according to the National Statistical Institute in 2018). Among the non-Spanish residents, the most notable groups are the nationals of Romania, Morocco (which together amount to 31% of all foreign nationals), the United Kingdom, China, Italy and Ecuador.

This flow of migration, coupled with an increased life expectancy, are creating a challenge in the neuropsychological evaluation of dementia, above all the dementia which is caused by Alzheimer’s disease. At present, the evaluation tools being used are limited by a series of cultural, educational and, above all, linguistic barriers.

All neuropsychological testing has a major cross-cutting linguistic component in terms of performing evaluations. As a result, the performance of patients with little knowledge of the majority population language is affected, and it is not possible to attribute performance below that which would be expected to cognitive deterioration or a lack of skill in the language used to carry out the evaluation with any certainty.

Neuropsychological assessment is a key tool not only in making a diagnosis, but also in the later clinical decisions reached, which in turn affect patients’ health. The Neurology Department at the Hospital Clínico de San Carlos in Madrid is carrying out a research project which includes transcultural instruments in the attempt to contribute to increasing the objectivity of neuropsychological evaluations among people of different origins, including those of Arab origin. Transcultural tests attempt to minimize the linguistic factor and cultural differences, so they may be a good alternative in providing health care to older individuals from other countries. In order to carry out this project, healthy volunteers of Arab origin over the age of 50 years are being sought to undergo a test in Spanish during the month of June voluntarily.

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Volunteers are being sought for neurological research programs