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Workshop for meeting and reflection: “An alter without ego”

At this workshop, which forms part of the project Moussem Desoriente, taking place at the Naves del Matadero, the participants will be reflecting upon the responsibility of a life amid shared cultures. You can sign up until June 15.

June 08, 2018
The purpose of this course is to think about the relationship between cultures which meet and undergo fast-paced steps forward, in a whirlwind which sometimes leaves little times for reflection. We must force ourselves to stop in order to take stock slowly, like the Bedouin lying back at the top of the dune: what happens at that place where Western critical thought crosses paths with Muslim gnosticism? Is anything left outside of the capitalist logic within the Muslim individual? What space must we give to uniqueness in our society?

Moussem Desoriente is a process mediated by Sara Molina, Ahmed Benattia and Anuar Khalifi.

This workshop forms part of that project. On the one hand, it seeks to take an in-depth look at “the responsibility of a shared life.” “We” seek the creation of a contingent “us” to think about the need to accept that it is impossible to be empowered, to exert selfless interest, fascinated admiration and mediation of culture all at once, and more a way to hold power over the Other through whichever means is necessary.

Stage 1: Workshop - June 25 to 28

From Monday, June 25 to Thursday, June 28, 10:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m., there will be a meeting for thought aimed at all those individuals related with Arab culture who wish to reflect upon specific aspects involving the relationship between cultures.

Another purpose of this workshop is to bring together a team of people who are interested in this subject, so as later to join up and form part of a process which may be carried out in several ways: discussion and stage activities, or merely testimonials.  All of this will be performed through a multidisciplinary device that has been given the name Moussem Desoriente.

The workshop will be given by Sara Molina, with the assistance of Ahmed Benattia and Anuar Khalifi.

Stage 2: Moussem Desoriente preparation - September and October (dates yet to be determined)
Moussem Desoriente  was conceived as a theatrical work/installation in which the selected team will work throughout the months of September and October of 2018, also at the Naves del Matadero theater - Madrid Center of Living Arts.

This installation will combine the work of different artists from the Maghreb in various formats (photography, video, painting, visual arts, etc.). Also selected with these works by artists will be people who are not necessarily related with the art world, but who feel an affinity for or interest in Arab culture. The ultimate goal of this work process is to promote a process of in-depth examination and collective thought, more than a specific or conclusive outcome.

Stage 3: Public presentation of Moussem Desoriente - First week of October
The presentation to the public will take place during the first week of October. After their work and thought process, carried out in the months of September and October, the participants will display and share their collective in-depth examination with viewers. The participants in the public presentation of Moussem Desoriente will receive compensation.
The workshop (Stage 1) is intended for adults with knowledge of the Arabic language (any level) who are available for a residency lasting at least one full week in the month of September and throughout the days of the public presentation. The exact dates will be confirmed at a later time.
In order to take part in the workshop, which is free of charge, those interested must send an e-mail to the address, with a brief artistic resume/CV (no more than one page) and an excerpt from a text, written by themselves or someone else, containing no more than three lines, by June 15.

Sara Molina will perform an initial selection based on the information submitted by the candidates. Later, on June 22, an interview will be held to select the 15 workshop participants, in the Skylight section (Lucernario) of Nave 10 at Matadero.


The workshop (Stage 1) will be held in the Wood Room (Sala Madera) of the Naves del Matadero, with the following dates and times:
Send in your resume/CV and a cover letter to: by June 15, 2018
•List of selected candidates issued: as of June 15, 2018
•Interview with Sara Molina: Friday, June 22 from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.
•Workshop dates: from Monday, June 25 to Thursday, June 28, 10:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m.
•Number of persons attending to be selected: 15 people

Holding of Moussem Desoriente (Stages 2 and 3):  The individuals who will be forming part of Stages 2 and 3 will be selected from among the participants in the workshop (Stage 1).

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Workshop for meeting and reflection: “An alter without ego”
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