A trip down the Nile, from Hollywood to Arab cinema Play

A trip down the Nile, from Hollywood to Arab cinema

Published at 31 11,,, 14 2014

This conference was held as the opening activity of a special series of events which Casa Árabe dedicates to the memory of Alberto Elena, a professor of Audiovisual Communication at the Universidad Carlos III in Madrid, who closely collaborated with Casa Árabe, and to whom the institution is dedicating a series of film screenings in December and January. The event was presented by Eduardo López Busquets, the General Director of Casa Árabe, and included attendance by representatives of the Cervantes Institute, the Filmoteca Española, the Cines del Sur Film Festival, and the Cordoba African Film Festival, as well as others. This conference by Viola Shafik allowed us to get an overview of the essential films in the history of Arab cinema, which Alberto Elena worked so hard to increase awareness about. This talk made it possible to get a closer look at the changes in the film industry in these countries and their ideological and aesthetic features, from the colonial era up to the modern day.

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