The Casa Árabe Team

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  • Directors

    • Irene Lozano Domingo

      Irene Lozano Domingo

      General Director

    • Cristina Juarranz

      Cristina Juarranz

      Management assistant and programming coordinator

    • Ruth Pimentel Touya

      Ruth Pimentel Touya

      Communication and Press Director

    • Maribel Gálvez Casado

      Maribel Gálvez Casado

      General Archives and Executive Secretarial Manager

  • Management Unit

    • Alfonso Íñigo González Riera

      Alfonso Íñigo González Riera


    • Rafael Marcos Gómez

      Rafael Marcos Gómez

      Assistant Manager

    • Irene Quintana Suárez

      Irene Quintana Suárez

      Logistics Manager

  • Programs

    • Olivia Orozco de la Torre

      Olivia Orozco de la Torre

      Coordinator of Education and Economics

    • .


      Coordinator of Culture

    • Karim Hauser Askalani

      Karim Hauser Askalani

      Head of Culture and International Relations

    • Javier Rosón Lorente

      Javier Rosón Lorente

      Analyst of Islam in Europe and Editor of the journal Awraq

    • Saida Chermiti Chermiti

      Saida Chermiti Chermiti

      Head of the Arabic Language Center

  • Supporting Team in Madrid

    • Fernando Blanco Andrés

    • Álvaro Celador Galiano

  • Supporting Team in Cordoba

    • Rosario Carrasco Pérez

    • Mariló Sancho Velázquez