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  • Tenth Anniversary of the Arab Uprisings in Film

    Tenth Anniversary of the Arab Uprisings in Film

    From February 05, 2021 until May 21, 2021Check dates, times and access conditions for each film.
    In the months of February and March, Casa Árabe will be showing this series of films inspired by the “Arab Spring”  in Madrid. Check the calendar of live and online sessions.
  • Great Figures in a New Era 

    Great Figures in a New Era 

    From April 09, 2021 until July 02, 20217:30 p.m.
    Throughout the months of April and May in Madrid and from May to July in Cordoba, we will be showing this film series curated by Egyptian filmmaker Basel Ramsis. Check the schedule of screenings in each city and buy your tickets online at a discount.
  • Film: "Rags & Tatters" 

    Film: "Rags & Tatters" 

    Tenth Anniversary of the Arab Uprisings in Film
    May 21, 20217:30 p.m.
    Today’s screening marks the end of the film series about the Arab Spring, which we have been holding in Cordoba over the last few months. This time around, we will be enjoying a fictional feature film by Ahmad Abdallah. Buy your ticket online now. 
  • Film: "Struggle in the Valley" 

    Film: "Struggle in the Valley" 

    Great Figures in a New Era 
    May 21, 20217:30 p.m.
    On Friday, May 21, we will have the opportunity to watch this film by Youssef Chahine at our Madrid headquarters, as part of the series we are holding on "Great Figures in a New Era." Tickets are now on sale.  
  • Film: "Time to Finish the Building" 

    Film: "Time to Finish the Building" 

    Great Figures in a New Era 
    May 28, 20217:30 p.m.
    Our first screening in Cordoba of the film series dedicated to "Great Figures in a New Era," which can be seen until July at our Andalusian headquarters. We will be starting with this documentary on the Egyptian architect Hassan Fathy. 

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