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The Latest at Casa Árabe

Film: “Adam”

The last screening in Madrid of the film series we have devoted to contemporary Arab women directors throughout the months of October and November. Buy your ticket online now.
November 27, 2020 MADRID

Cordoba is hosting “Gods of the Frontier” as of September

This exhibition, a project by artist Clara Carvajal, in which she delves deep into Lebanon’s visual memory through the archives of three important photography collections from that country, can be seen from September 24 through November 26.
From September 24, 2020 until November 27, 2020 CORDOBA

Limitless: Artistic (de-) construction of borders

On October 15, Casa Árabe is officially opening this new exhibition at its Córdoba headquarters, with works by sixteen Jordanian artists. It will remain open until September 6.
From October 15, 2020 until January 13, 2021 CORDOBA

Displacements: Yemen Diasporas

From September 18 through January 10, Casa Árabe will be hosting this exhibition at its Madrid headquarters, with photographic works by Shaima Al-Tamimi and Thana Faroq. The exhibition is being held as part of the PHotoESPAÑA photography festival.
From September 18, 2020 until January 10, 2021 MADRID

Arabian Arcadia

Starting on September 24, Casa Árabe will be holding this exhibition of photos from the island of Socotra and the oases of Egypt by Jordi Esteva. The show, which forms part of the PHotoEspaña Festival, was curated by Jesús Cañete Ochoa.
From September 24, 2020 until January 24, 2021 MADRID

Call for papers: Congress on “The Arab Springs Ten Years Later” 

The call for papers to be presented at this congress, held from February 10 to 12, 2021 at the Universidad Complutense de Madrid and Casa Árabe, will remain open until November 30.
From October 15, 2020 until November 30, 2020

The Silence of the Lady Bats

With the cooperation of Casa Árabe, the Autonomous Region of Madrid has organized this theatrical performance in Madrid on December 2. It will be broadcast live through our social media channels.
December 2, 2020 IN MADRID AND ONLINE

The Arabian Nights: Night 11

Remaining loyal to the monthly schedule at Casa Árabe, storyteller Héctor Urién will be back on December 3  to offer us more of the tales from this classical work of literature. At this session, the poetic concept inspiring the stories will be that of the “mysterious crypts".
December 3, 2020 ONLINE

Timeless Syria 

Casa Árabe is hosting this photography exhibition by Pío Cabanillas at its Córdoba headquarters. 
From December 3, 2020 until February 5, 2021 CORDOBA

¡Expulsión! - dance riot (Work in Progress)

The Autonomous Region of Madrid has organized this dance show by Dani Pannullo’s company, with the cooperation of Casa Árabe. It will be held in our garden on December 12, and we will be playing it live on our social media channels.
December 12, 2020 IN MADRID AND ONLINE

Film: “Adam”

POSTPONED. With this screening, we put an end in Córdoba to this film series that we dedicated to contemporary Arab female directors during the months of October and November.
December 4, 2020 CORDOBA

Film: “Noura’s Dream”

POSTPONED. One more week, the best and most recent cinema by contemporary Arab directors comes to our screen in Córdoba. On this occasion, you will be able to learn the story of Noura, an independent woman, who raises her three children alone and works in a hospital laundry. What is her dream?
November 27, 2020 CORDOBA
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