• Limitless: Artistic (de-) construction of borders

    Casa Árabe is officially re-opening this new exhibition at its Madrid headquarters, with works by sixteen Jordanian artists. It will remain open until September 6.

  • Video of Casa Árabe in Cordoba 

    Get an exclusive look at the new video of our headquarters in Cordoba 

The Latest at Casa Árabe

The Blessed [Les bienheureux] 

This film, which you can watch as of July 17, brings our film screening schedule for the summer season to an end. You may request your access code to watch it as of July 10. We will be back in September with more films.
From July 10, 2020 until July 17, 2020 ONLINE

The exhibition "Pop Art from North Africa" is now coming to Cordoba

Curated by Najlaa El Ageli (Libya) and Toufik Douib (Algeria), this exhibition bears witness to the strong doses of wit, humor, satire and versatility existing in the emerging art of countries like Tunisia, Algeria, Libya, Sudan, Morocco, Egypt and Mauritania. The exhibition will be on as of July 8 in Córdoba.
From July 8, 2020 until October 2, 2020 CORDOBA

Limitless: Artistic (de-) construction of borders

On June 8, Casa Árabe is officially reopening this new exhibition at its Madrid headquarters, with works by sixteen Jordanian artists. It will remain open until September 6.
From March 11, 2020 until September 6, 2020 MADRID

When drawing heritage becomes art 

Casa Árabe is presenting this exhibition, organized with the cooperation of Urban Sketchers Córdoba, at its Andalusian headquarters. It can be seen until September 17.
From March 9, 2020 until September 17, 2020 CORDOBA

Gods of the Frontier

This project by artist Clara Carvajal, which will put on display in Madrid as of February 21, delves deep into Lebanon’s visual memory through the archives of three important photography collections from that country.
From February 21, 2020 until July 19, 2020 MADRID

Islamophobia: Challenges in the twenty-first century

On Thursday, June 25, we are beginning this series of three conferences, in which the same number of experts will be speaking about the phenomenon of Islamophobia. The first will be Luz Gómez García, a tenured professor with the Department of Arab and Islamic Studies at the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, on the ways in which Islamophobia is promoted from enlightened positions.
From June 25, 2020 until July 22, 2020 ONLINE

Guided tours of the Casa Mudéjar 

With these guided tours of our headquarters, we are contributing to the commemoration of the twenty-fifth anniversary of Cordoba’s Historical City Center as a World Heritage Site. The next tour will be taking place on June 26 (you may sign up as of one week before the tour).
From February 10, 2020 until December 18, 2020 CORDOBA

This summer, the online film screenings are continuing at Casa Árabe

While we await the return to full normality at the cinema space inside our Madrid headquarters, Casa Árabe will continue its online film screenings with the cooperation of Filmin. In June and July, we will be showing three movies not yet screened by Casa Árabe up to now. 
From June 19, 2020 until July 17, 2020 ONLINE

New archeology and history workshops in Cordoba

Casa Árabe is hosting these workshops given by SextoMario at its headquarters in Cordoba, with the goal of increasing awareness about the region’s history and historical values.
From January 27, 2020 until December 17, 2020 CORDOBA

The origins of Arab-Flamenco fusion 

At its headquarters in Cordoba, Casa Árabe is offering eleven “master classes” to be given by Carolina Prior, with the goal of taking a tour through the origins of Arab dance (gypsis), including its changes over time and its influence on flamenco.
From December 16, 2019 until February 22, 2021 CORDOBA

“He Who Is Worthy of Love” , by Abdellah Taïa (FRENCH VERSION)

January 31, 2019. Casa Árabe, Cabaret Voltaire and Kif-Kif, Migraciones y Refugio LGBTI+ have organized the pre...
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