• Disturbance on the Nile: Modern and contemporary art from Sudan

The Latest at Casa Árabe

The star of Palestinian embroidery travels to Cordoba 

At Casa Árabe’s headquarters in Cordoba, you can now visit the collaborative work known as “tatreez,” made with the contributions by those attending our workshops in November and December, along with contributions sent in from home. Come see it! 
From May 2, 2024 until June 30, 2024 CORDOBA

Al-Andalus Mathematics Walk: Meaning, mathematics and Al-Andalus art in monuments.

Casa Árabe and the Descubre Foundation are organizing this exhibition, which introduces a new way of looking at our heritage from Al-Andalus, introducing us to mathematics through the history and art from that era.
From April 8, 2024 until July 19, 2024 CORDOBA

Disturbance on the Nile: Modern and contemporary art from Sudan

On Thursday, March 7, Casa Arabe will be opening this exhibition at its Madrid headquarters, allowing visitors to see works by 13 Sudanese artists, resulting from the latest events and changes in that country.
From March 7, 2024 until June 23, 2024 MADRID

“Gaza: Chronicle of a Nakba foretold”

Casa Árabe, with the cooperation of the Catarata publishing house, is organizing the presentation of this book by Ignacio Álvarez-Ossorio and José Abu-Tarbush. The event will be moderated by Leila Nachawati. You may now register to attend.
May 28, 2024 MADRID / ONLINE

Submissions of papers for the twenty-sixth FIMAM Meeting are now being accepted 

This year, the annual meeting of the Forum for Research on the Arab and Muslim World (FIMAM) will be held at the...

Summer course "A City’s tale between Rome and al-Andalus"

Experts  would lead a selected group of students through the history from Rome to al-Andalus 
From May 22, 2024 until July 26, 2024 CóRDOBA / ONLINE

New terrace season at Casa Árabe’s Garden 

Like every spring, Casa Árabe’s terrace is coming back to our garden so that you can enjoy the finest Arab foods...

Casa Árabe Reading Club

Casa Árabe, with the cooperation of the Escuela de Escritores (School of Writers), is organizing a Reading Club with a special emphasis on Arab literature, thus reflecting the diversity, wealth and complexity of these societies and their history. Sign up now! 
From April 17, 2024 until December 17, 2024 MADRID

Casa Árabe Reading Club: Period 2 

After the summer break, on September 10 we will bringing back Casa Árabe Reading Club’s sessions, with a second period to be lasting until December 17. Sign up now! 
September 10, 2024 MADRID

Series of “Workshops with History” in Cordoba

For yet another year, Casa Árabe is hosting these craft workshops at its headquarters in Cordoba. They have been organized by SextoMario with the goal of increasing awareness about the region’s history and historical values.
From February 21, 2024 until December 20, 2024 CORDOBA

Semblances of Cordoba: The Umayyad era in the first person

On Tuesday, March 12 in Cordoba, we will be holding the opening session of this series of conferences, which we will continue to enjoy throughout 2024 and 2025, under the scientific coordination of Maribel Fierro (ILC-CSIC) and Juan Pedro Monferrer (UCO). 
From March 8, 2024 until December 10, 2024 CORDOBA
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