• In a Flash, Morocco

    Within the framework of PHotoESPAÑA Festival 2018, Casa Árabe shows this exhibition. 

  • Nisa al-Andalus: Historical reflections on women in Al-Andalus

    Casa Árabe has organized this series of twelve conferences, taking place from March through November at its headquarters in Cordoba

  • Video of Casa Árabe in Cordoba 

    Get an exclusive look at the new video of our headquarters in Cordoba 

The Latest at Casa Árabe

Suspended Words: A work by Elisabeth Bolza

As of September 20, Casa Árabe’s headquarters in Madrid is showing this exhibition, which will allow us to become familiar with the collages, drawings and calligraphy pieces by this artist.
From September 20, 2018 until November 4, 2018 MADRID

Registration for the Arabic Language Center courses 

We are presenting yet another series of language courses for this academic year. You can sign up from September 1 to 23, 2018.
From July 26, 2018 until September 23, 2018 MADRID

Tangier, the Old Lady 

Javier Rioyo and José Luis López-Linares directed this documentary, which you have the chance to see as the very first screening in the film series that Casa Árabe has devoted to the city on the Straits of Gibraltar from September through November.
September 21, 2018 CÓRDOBA

Course: Tangier in Spanish literature 

Rocío Rojas-Marcos has organized this seminar, a historical overview that will be held in two Thursday sessions taking place on October 18 and 25. You may now sign up.
From July 26, 2018 until October 8, 2018 MADRID

Waste Lands / Tierras devastadas

From September through December, Cordoba is hosting this exhibition curated by Piedad Solans, which includes works by ten women artists from Afghanistan, Algeria, Azerbaijan, Egypt, the United Arab Emirates, Iran, Morocco, Lebanon and Palestine, showing landscapes and environments in destroyed, impoverished countries.
From September 13, 2018 until December 14, 2018 CÓRDOBA

In a Flash, Morocco

Within the framework of PHotoESPAÑA Festival 2018, in the Transatlantic section, Casa Árabe shows this exhibition.
From June 8, 2018 until September 23, 2018 MADRID

Trasatlántica PHotoEspaña: Viewing Portfolios in Morocco 2018

This viewing will take place on the dates of October 25 and 26 at the Cervantes Institute in Marrakesh, giving 2...

Nakba, 48 stories about life and resistance in Palestine

On Monday, September 24, Professor Salah Jamal will be presenting his work, published by Icaria Editorial, at an event in which he is accompanied by Teresa Aranguren, a journalist who specializes in the Arab world.
September 24, 2018 MADRID

Moons from the East 

Poet José Antonio Santano is presenting his latest work in Cordoba, published by Editorial Dauro.
September 27, 2018 CÓRDOBA


Participants in this workshop will be reproducing an Arab design from Cordoba’s era of the caliphs on a tile, simulating the “dry rope” technique.
From July 26, 2018 until September 27, 2018 CóRDOBA

Ninth “Guadalquivir” international Piano Festival (FIP)

The event, this edition of which is devoted to forms of music “From East to West,” will be held from September 1...

History of Aesthetics in Arab Thought 

This Tuesday, October 2 in Madrid, Casa Árabe and the University of Granada Publishing House are presenting this new edition of the compendium created by Professor José Miguel Puerta Vílchez.
October 2, 2018 MADRID
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