• Video of Casa Árabe in Cordoba 

    Get an exclusive look at the new video of our headquarters in Cordoba 

  • "The Moroccans: Photographs by Leila Alaoui" in Córdoba

    For the first time in Córdoba, Casa Árabe and the Embassy of the Kingdom of Morocco are displaying this exhibition.

The Latest at Casa Árabe

Diplomats and Exile

As of October 28, you can visit this exhibition, organized in conjunction with Spain’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the European Union and Cooperation, at Casa Árabe’s headquarters in Cordoba, to mark the 80th anniversary of Spain’s Republican exile.
From October 28, 2019 until February 21, 2020 CORDOBA

The Moroccans: Photographs by Leila Alaoui

For the first time in Córdoba, Casa Árabe and the Embassy of the Kingdom of Morocco are displaying this exhibition.
From January 16, 2020 until March 13, 2020 CORDOBA

Open Links: Four Spanish-Moroccan artists

Casa Árabe is presenting the latest works by Monia Touiss, Said Messari, Khalid El Bekay and Amine Asselman in Madrid. The opening event took place on Wednesday, December 18.
From December 19, 2019 until March 1, 2020 MADRID

The Arabian Nights: Night 20

The oral storytelling show for adults “Alf leila wa leila” is returning to Casa Árabe in another performance by Héctor Urién. 
From January 23, 2020 until February 1, 2020 MADRID

How to teach Spanish to Syrian and Palestinian refugees

Series of four workshops given by professors Victoria Khraiche and Nadia Jallad. You may register until February 2.
From December 20, 2019 until February 8, 2020 MADRID

Course II on “thuluth” style Arabic calligraphy

You can now register for this new course, which will be taught by Pablo Casado on the weekends of November 16-17 and 23-24 at our headquarters in Madrid.
From October 18, 2019 until March 14, 2020 MADRID

Popular Culture in the Arab World: The twentieth century

This course on art, music, cinema and popular dance in the Arab world will take place on two Sundays, November 17 and 24, and will be given by professors Victoria Khraich Ruiz-Zorrilla and Nadia Jallad. Registration open until November 14.
From October 18, 2019 until March 15, 2020 MADRID

Conference series: The Archeology of Islamic Cordoba

Casa Árabe has organized this series of 20 conferences from October 30, 2019 through March 19, 2020, under the coordination of Professor Desiderio Vaquerizo of the University of Cordoba and Javier Rosón of Casa Árabe.
From October 30, 2019 until April 22, 2020 CORDOBA

The origins of Arab-Flamenco fusion 

At its headquarters in Cordoba, Casa Árabe is offering eleven “master classes” to be given by Carolina Prior, with the goal of taking a tour through the origins of Arab dance (gypsis), including its changes over time and its influence on flamenco.
From December 16, 2019 until November 23, 2020 CORDOBA

“Aula Árabe” 

“Aula Árabe” is a new annual program held in conjunction with several universities, organized by Casa Árabe with the cooperation of Madrid’s public universities. The first conference, open to the general public, will take place on Monday, September 30.
From September 23, 2019 until June 30, 2020 MADRID

“He Who Is Worthy of Love” , by Abdellah Taïa (FRENCH VERSION)

January 31, 2019. Casa Árabe, Cabaret Voltaire and Kif-Kif, Migraciones y Refugio LGBTI+ have organized the pre...
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