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The Latest at Casa Árabe

The end of Al-Andalus: from the “Reconquista” to “paradise lost” 

At its Cordoba headquarters, Casa Árabe is organizing this series of conferences, to be held from October 7 through 29, in continuation of the series “The Origin of Al-Andalus,” which we were able to enjoy last fall.
From October 7, 2019 until October 29, 2019 CORDOBA

The Perfume of Existence

Casa Árabe and the Editorial Almuzara publishing firm are presenting this book in Madrid on Tuesday, October 15, within the framework of the exhibition “The Nocturnal Star.” 
October 15, 2019 MADRID

“Dying in Exile, Dying in Oblivion” 

Casa Árabe and Spain’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the European Union and Cooperation, with the cooperation of the EFE News Agency, have organized the presentation of this documentary and a round table discussion immediately after.
October 16, 2019 MADRID

Alchemy in the Arab world 

Casa Árabe has organized this first international Symposium on Hermetic Philosophy, the science of life, to be held across four sessions in Cordoba from April 24 to December 12, 2019.
From April 24, 2019 until December 12, 2019 CORDOBA

Guided tours of the exhibition “The Nocturnal Star” 

Artist Cristóbal Martín will be giving guided tours to share knowledge about his works on Thursdays, October 3, 10 and 17. You can now register to take the second tour.
From September 26, 2019 until October 17, 2019 MADRID

The Arabian Nights: Night 18

The oral storytelling show for adults “Alf leila wa leila” is returning to Casa Árabe in another performance by Héctor Urién. 
October 19, 2019 MADRID

Guided tours of Casa Árabe’s headquarters in Madrid 

Throughout the upcoming weeks, the institution will be taking part in three events devoted to highlighting architectural heritage in the city of Madrid. Sign up and find out more about the Escuelas Aguirre building, Casa Árabe’s current headquarters.
From September 9, 2019 until October 19, 2019 MADRID

Pop Art from North Africa

Curated by Najlaa El Ageli (Libya) and Toufik Douib (Algeria), this exhibition bears witness to the strong doses of wit, humor, satire and versatility existing in the emerging art of countries like Tunisia, Algeria, Libya, Sudan, Morocco, Egypt and Mauritania. The exhibition will be on as of October 4 in Madrid.
From October 4, 2019 until December 1, 2019 MADRID

Kitab al-Filaha (The Book of Agriculture) and the Alpujarras, by Tariq Dajani

Casa Árabe is exhibiting a series of photo engravings, along with two hand-bound books, all works by artist Tariq Dajani, in Cordoba.
From June 19, 2019 until October 18, 2019 CORDOBA

“Pens and Cartoons: Arab comics in motion” is now coming Getxo

The exhibit can be seen from October 4 through 27 as part of the Comics Show held in the Vizcaya province town.
From October 4, 2019 until October 27, 2019 GUETXO (VIZCAYA)

The Nocturnal Star 

Casa Árabe has organized this exhibition to be held from September 20 through October 20 in Madrid, as artist Cristóbal Martín’s way of paying homage to Ibn Arabi.
From September 20, 2019 until October 20, 2019 MADRID

New tours of Islamic Madrid

The Center for Studies on Islamic Madrid (CEMI), which forms part of the Islamic Culture Foundation (FUNCI), has...
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