• Dark is the Tone of My History

    From December 13, Casa Árabe is hosting this exhibition by the Iraqui artist Sadik Kwaish Alfraji, curated by Mayssa Fattouh.

  • Arab Window at the African Film Festival (FCAT) 

    Casa Árabe is screening in Madrid and in Cordoba two fictional feature films and two documentaries that could be seen at the last edition of FCAT.

  • Video of Casa Árabe in Cordoba 

    Get an exclusive look at the new video of our headquarters in Cordoba 

The Latest at Casa Árabe

The Market with no Buyers: Treasures of Al-Andalus 

Casa Árabe and the Municipal Government of of Granada are presenting this exhibition of watercolor paintings by Leonor Solans in Madrid. January 17 to February 24, 2019.
From January 17, 2019 until February 24, 2019 MADRID

Poisonous Roses [Ward Masmoum] 

Last chance in Madrid to see this fictional film, whose main character is Taheya, a girl who wants to keep her brother from running off from the neighborhood where they live and work. The film was directed by Ahmed Fawzi Saleh.
January 18, 2019 MADRID

Dark is the Tone of My History

From December 13, Casa Árabe is hosting this exhibition by the Iraqui artist Sadik Kwaish Alfraji, curated by Mayssa Fattouh.
From December 13, 2018 until March 3, 2019 MADRID

Suspended Words: A work by Elisabeth Bolza

As of January 10, Casa Árabe’s headquarters in Córdoba is showing this exhibition, which will allow us to become familiar with the collages, drawings and calligraphy pieces by this artist.
From January 10, 2019 until March 1, 2019 CóRDOBA

Other Realities: The Alhambra

At its headquarters in Madrid, Casa Árabe is exhibiting a selection of photographic negatives created by Javier Abella.
From November 22, 2018 until May 1, 2019 MADRID

Protocol and business culture in Arab countries and Asia  

Casa Asia and Casa Árabe have come together to present a new edition of this course, which consists of four modules devoted to East Asia, the Maghreb region, Western and Central Asia and the countries in the Gulf Cooperation Council. It will be held as of January 22, 2019 and registration is now open.
From November 16, 2018 until January 20, 2019 MADRID

Course on “Thuluth” Style Arabic Calligraphy

The period to sign up for this course will remain open until February 2. It will be given by calligrapher Pablo Casado on Saturdays from February 9 through March 2.
From December 18, 2018 until February 2, 2019 MADRID

How to teach Spanish to Syrian and Palestinian refugees

We are holding a new edition of our workshops on teaching Spanish as a foreign language to Syrian and Palestinian asylum seekers. It will be taking place on two Sundays, February 17 and 24. You can sign up now.
From December 18, 2018 until February 12, 2019 MADRID

“Dialogues on Open Societies” series of conferences 

Casa Árabe and the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the European Union and Cooperation have organized this series of events that will be lasting throughout the months of January to July of 2019.
From January 14, 2019 until July 31, 2019 MADRID

The exhibition “In a Flash, Morocco” comes to Seville

Casa Árabe, with the cooperation of the PHotoESPAÑA Festival, is presenting this exhibition at the Three Culture...

Homage to Adonis 

Casa Árabe has organized this homage to the Syrian poet Adonis on January 24. It will include participation by the author, as well as that of Clara Janés and Federico Arbós.
January 24, 2019 MADRID

“He Who Is Worthy of Love” 

Casa Árabe, Cabaret Voltaire and Kif-Kif, Migraciones y Refugio LGBTI+  have organized the presentation of this book by Moroccan author Abdellah Taïa.
January 31, 2019 MADRID
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