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The Latest at Casa Árabe

Madrid Book Fair 2017

Casa Árabe and Balqís are taking part in the 76th edition of the Madrid Book Fair, which will be held from May 26 to June 11.  
From May 26, 2017 until June 11, 2017 MADRID

Nights of Ramadan 2017

In order to celebrate the month of Ramadan, Casa Árabe is organizing a special series of events for the fourth year in a row.
From May 26, 2017 until June 24, 2017 CORDOBA

JAYAL, Creative Imagination:Sufism as a source of inspiration

Casa Árabe is officially opening this exhibition in Cordoba, bringing together works of art and music alongside literary texts, allowing visitors to get a closer look at Islam’s mystical manifestation.
From May 4, 2017 until July 20, 2017 CóRDOBA

Children’s Arabic language immersion course

During the month of July, Casa Árabe is offering an intensive course for children between the ages of 3 and 12 in Madrid. Registration open from May 20 to June 30.
From May 5, 2017 until June 20, 2017 MADRID

International Politics and Regional Changes in the MENA Region: Ramifications, crises and interventions

Registration now open to attend this course at the Complutense Summer School and receive economic aid until April 30.
From March 1, 2017 until June 2, 2017 MADRID

Palestine, a half century of occupation

Casa Árabe is cooperating on the organization of this summer course at the Universidad Complutense Registration now open.
From May 3, 2017 until May 31, 2017 EL ESCORIAL (MADRID)

Casa Árabe’s Tenth Anniversary

The institution is celebrating ten years of commitment to contemporary Arab creativity and thought with a year-l...


Last screening of this documentary by Nujoom Alghamen (United Arab Emirates, 2010, 64 min.).
June 16, 2017 MADRID

Nearby Sky (Samma Qarribah)

Nujoom Alghamen was the director of this documentary (United Arab Emirates, 2014, 95 min.). She will meet with the public on the occasion of this screening.
June 2, 2017 MADRID

Nearby Sky (Samma Qarribah)

Fatima Alhameli is the first woman in the Emirates who owns camels that is able to sign her camel up in a competition. Director Nujoom Alghamen tells us her story through this documentary (United Arab Emirates, 2014, 95 min.).
July 7, 2017 MADRID

The Tainted Veil

Last chance at the Casa Árabe headquarters in Madrid to see this documentary by Nahla Al Fahad, Mazen al Khayrat and Ovidio Salazar (United Arab Emirates, France, Egypt, Denmark, Morocco, Turkey, Syria United Kingdom, 2015, 78 min.).
June 9, 2017 MADRID

City of Life

Screening of the fictional film directed by Ali F. Mostafa (United Arab Emirates, 2009, 119 min.).
June 30, 2017 MADRID
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